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"Kan Doo" & "Play Skool"

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Does this bother anyone else, especially when they are kids' products? What's the point of doing this?

Cheers, from
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May i ask what youre talking about?
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Not sure what you're talking about.
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Yeah, clue us in lol!
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My guess is that SwampWitch is talking about the purposeful misspelling. And yes, it bothers me too.
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ahhhhh yes that makes complete sense to me now!!!
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I always find purposeful misspelling aggravating, but I'm incapable of turning off my inner editor. I realize both companies are trying to be cute, but I still don't like it.
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I know WHY it's done, from a marketing standpoint, and unfortunately it works. A particular type of parent sees the bright colors and the purposeful mis-spellings and tada! hey! that's kid appropriate, isn't that cyoooot? Yes, bright colors are engaging for children, but cyootsywootsybabytalks should be left for kittens. More often than not children under 6 are not self aware, and can't be marketed to. And do you really want them to be marketed to? the unfortunate think is that there's no secondary choice, really... What are your other options when your child wants play dough molds and so on (shoot, I make my own playdough.) so they continue to do it.
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I don't like it myself. It is teaching kids the WRONG spelling of these products
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It also annoys me as I am a grammar/spelling queen too, I can't help it..I edit everything I read, my coworkers get really annoyed
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Sorry my posting was so vague! Thanks for getting it and for your replies. I don't think that little kids seeing "Play Skool" on their toys is going to help their literacy.

Last summer I was waiting in line at a store that caters mainly to tourists. There was a prominently placed sign:

We can not except $100 bill's. Because of the counterfiet $100 bill's. Our employee's have ben instucted not to expet $100 bill's.

This sign had been printed out from a computer, complete with little pictures of $100 bills. (Spell check and grammar check, anyone?)

So, just to make conversation while we were waiting, I said to the woman behind me, "Whoa, there are a lot of mistakes in that sign," and she said to me, "What are you, a GRAMMAR NAZI?"

Lately, when I lose faith in humanity I turn to this site and read about all you beautiful people who help and care for animals and my faith is restored. Thank you.

Cheers, from

p.s. turtlecat, that's a great explanation.
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