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Arrrrrgggghhhh!!!! Stress!

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I just had to type a 4 page $61,000 document 4 times!!!! I am no good on a typewriter.... and have never used one before this job. I only have to use it occasionally for purchase orders that are 5 ply carbon copy documents. But my boss needed me to type up this very important document for the CEO, and it had to be perfect! And you can't use correction tape when it's 5ply either.... And, I sit in the lobby, so every 50 yr old ding bat man that walks by me has to say something stupid to get my attention , and I messed up 4 times! (you'd think they'd get the "leave me the alone" hint from my dirty looks) I need a sign for my desk: will be back in 40 minutes. Can anyone get me a good sign to put up? How about "do not feed the bears" I certainly feel like a bear today. Or "does not talk to stupid people".... just cause they (all 250ppl) walk by me 20 times a day does not mean that I have to say hi/bye/howrya to all 250 ppl 20 times a day. I do have my own work to do too !!!! (and yes, time on TCS is work as far as they are concerned! )

thanks for letting me vent guys, you tcsers are the best!
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It never fails Heather, just when you are trying to concentrate, someone comes along and interrupts you..............frustrating huh?
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