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Who will be watching LOST tonight?

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I am so excited, Wed and Thurs nights are the best!

Between LOST and Grey's Anatomy, I am lovin' ABC!!!

Who else is into LOST?
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me, me, me!!!!
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Me!!! I started a thread about it when it premiered 2 weeks ago.
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Oh, me! But I might actually wait until tomorrow to watch it. Lost comes on at 8, and I have church choir practice at 9:15. So I am usually at the gym when Lost comes on. Sometimes I have a couple friends that come over and watch it with DH and I after choir, but one of my friends has a test tomorrow, and the other one often just watches it at 8. So if we don't have anybody over to watch it tonight, we'll probably just wait and watch it tomorrow.
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Me!! I HAVE to get my Sawyer fix!!

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I have never seen it because it is on at the same time as One Tree Hill.
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We always TiVo it, and last season I would wait until DH got home and watch it with him. This season though, I'm finding that I just can't wait, so I just watch it twice.
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We'll be taping it! We're watching season 2 still - only 2 more episodes to go then we can start watching season 3!!!!

Locke and the African dude have just found the other hatch, and Libby just died. Poor Hurley

It's soooo exciting though!
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I am watching it right now...I was just going to post a thread like "OMG I am addicted to LOST" then I came on and saw this one. This show is so addictive. I just flew through season one and two to start watching this new season. I watch it if I am by a tv that it comes in good. My tv doesn't get channel 5 too well so I watch it with half the screen white and fuzzy. I went to campus last week and it look awful on the student center's big screen tv. So I may just download it and watch it the next day. I have been doing that with most shows.
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OK....I'm starting to get a little frustrated. I want some answers!!! I thought they (producers) were supposed to start giving us some answers this season!!!!!
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I keep up with the story, but I don't watch the show. I use online sites with show recaps to follow the main points. I find the show too tedious, confusing and weird to actually sit and watch, but the story is interesting to read about. I haven't read any of the episodes for this season yet. I'll wait for a couple of months and sit one evening and read them.
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I am kind of a fanatic about this show. I rewatched the first two seasons on DVD over the hiatus, and I have to say I enjoyed it much more when I could watch the episodes right in a row. (The schedule last season with all the repeats made it tough for me to pick up on everything going on in all the storylines.)

*******SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!**************If you aren't caught up with season3, STOP READING NOW!!!!************************************

About getting answers... I think they've actually revealed quite a bit over the last few episodes, beginning with the finale last season. For example, we learned why the plane crashed (Desmond missing the button); Henry Gayle/Ben is the Others' leader; we got a radically different perspective of the Others in the first two episodes of this season; we learned that Sun did indeed have an affair with Jae, indicating that her unborn baby is most likely not Jin's child (since according to the fertility doctor, he is infertile). Also, I followed the online ARG "The Lost Experience" this summer, and that revealed some info that people were wondering about in regards to Dharma and the numbers, etc.

Has anyone checked out the bonus features on the Season 2 DVDs? The "Connections" feature, once you get the hang of navigating it, has some interesting tidbits between Jack/Claire/Christian, Sawyer/Locke, and Eko/the Psychic (can't remember his name).

Okay, I did say upfront that I'm a fanatic!
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I love it, but I was sad there was no Jack and Sawyer last night, they are so yummy! I wouldn't mind being in the middle of that love triangle!

I was reading something online the other day that showed all the dialoge from Rousseau, and it was pretty telling. Notice that in her "call for help" she 1.) says "Help US" even though she told Sayid that she was alone when she made the transmition 2.) She never says her coordinates, where the ship crashed, who she was with, or any other details you would think would help a rescue party find her. She just says "I am going to the Black Rock, It killed them all, Help Us." This makes me think that she was sending the transmition to someone who already knew about the Island. Just a random theory.

Also, why have we not revisited the whole Ben coming for John thing??? He told Locke in the hatch that he had failed his mission to come get John. Since he came himself you would think that was a pretty important mission, although John wasn't one of the ones who he wanted brought to him. Why? That is driving me crazy!
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I was a little unhappy with last night's episode. I don't think they really told us anything, and I'm starting to think Locke is a little nuts.

So, does he or does he not shoot that cop?
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Originally Posted by PurrPaws View Post
I was a little unhappy with last night's episode. I don't think they really told us anything, and I'm starting to think Locke is a little nuts.

So, does he or does he not shoot that cop?
He might be a little nuts...

No he didn't shoot him.
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
He might be a little nuts...

No he didn't shoot him.
Then I'm confused why Ecko told him he was a hunter. The whole hunter/farmer thing. But then I guess Locke just imagined that.
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