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He's still mad at me!

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Last night I was putting out the Halloween decorations with the kids. I asked DH to help me string some spider webs along the eve of the house. He nailed small nails and did it for me. Well, he was using a roofing hatchet and I told him to leave it out, I had more I needed to do.
About 20 mins later I came in the house. Well the kids are going as these Skulls that bleed fake blood with a pump. I seen the fake blood sitting on the top of my desk and ... I'm SO mean! I dipped my finger in it and went running into the bedroom where DH was and said "We gotta go to the hospital NOW!" He turned around and FREAKED out!. He laid his gutair down and grabbed my arm, rushing me into the kitchen asking what happened. I told him "I accidently put a nail through my finger" Of course by now he's frantic and my 8 yr old come out panicing too! My 4yr old was in the corner giggling, he seen me dip my finger. I told DH, "you know my finger doesn't hurt THAT bad." as I'm washing the "blood" off my finger "It's my sides from laughin at you BELIEVING it's real". I died laughing... he about killed me and so did Justice. He told me "That's not funny" and bust out laughing. He totally thought it was REAL!
Gawd I'm bad!
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Into the corner with you, missy!
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Umm Dixie, you know the old saying "paybacks a B?"Well, I bet you're in for one heckova payback
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Umm Dixie, you know the old saying "paybacks a B?"Well, I bet you're in for one heckova payback
But it is pretty funny if you ask me!
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That is hilarious!!! That sounds like something I would do
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That is hilarious!!!!! That's definitely something Colin and I would do to each other lol
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Shawn would never forgive me if I did that.
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You are soooooooo bad!
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I would have been killed had I ever pulled a prank like that. He is soooo protective over me that anything like that isn't something I could joke about.

But it's still hilarious!!
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THat would backfire on me! Jerry is a paramedic and would try putting stitches in my finger before I had a chance to tell him I was fakin!!!
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Crittermom, I am on my guard since then I KNOW he's gonna do something!

Yeah, I'm still in the doghouse for it
I always did something like this to my mom too.. She would chase me around the house ready to HURT me
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My SO's former best friend was sitting among a bunch of us at a pretty rowdy party and bit into a fake blood capsule, flopped over and started acting like he was having seizures. He scared the heck out of everyone. He ended up almost getting the crap beaten out of him for scaring us. What a little jerk!
Just a little on your finger was pretty funny, though.
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