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Is he just playing rough?

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Brady is really coming around nicely. I mean, when I come near the room, he runs out to greet me, rubs humself all over me , will definitely sell his soul for food or a brushing, and is even trying to work up the courage to wander around the upstairs of the house in the evening when two humans and two dogs are there.

So I am not sure what is up with him sometimes -almost- sinking his teeth into my hand. OK he loves being scratched and petted, but only on the front part of his body. If I touch him on his back (or heaven help me near his tail) he goes from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde in a flash, and tries to bite my hand. I am not deliberately trying to pet his back, he sometimes gets really excited and walks around in circles quickly so it happens my accident. And he does not bite hard. The same way that a dog will touch his teeth to skin as the last warning before really biting, my guess is that he is not trying to bite seriously, just let me know in his language that he REALLY does not like being touched back there. Or is this the rough play of a cat who needs more experience with humans? BTW this only happens maybe once or twice a week.
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It's absolutely normal for a cat NOT to like being petted or anything on the back half of their bodies.
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I've had cats do that as a warning that they're getting overstimulated or they are not comfortable with the spot you're petting. I think it's a warning.
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I have a couple cats who do this, but they love being pet at the base of their tail/lower back. I think they are just overstimulated and they react by biting.
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Well the biting is getting worse-to the point where it is annoying me. I do not get it. I can pet him, I get about 30 head butts when I am in there, I kneel down, pet him, give him treats etc. But ff I walk around the room he tries to bite my leg -HARD. And I went to give him food, when I put the dish down, he bit my hand -HARD. Enough to raise welts.

I do not know cats, but to me one of the basics of animal behavior is that you reward them when they do something you want them to do, and you do not reward them (or possibly punish them) when they do not). So I decided that it was not a good idea to put the food bowl down right after he bit me. Maybe a few hours of thinking about food will put him in a better frame of mind?
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I have taught my guys to not bite too hard by acting like an injured kitty when it happens.

No matter what we are doing at the time that they bite me too hard I stop, curl up in a ball wherever I am, make a cattish crying sound and lick my "wound" for a few minutes. It usually takes a few times with a new one for them to learn to not bite too hard and then reminders of decreasing frequency.

I can't remember the last time that I had to do this with my two guys who I have had for 2 1/2 years. I am sure I will have to remind them sometime in the future as we do play fairly rough at times but I am confident that they do learn what is too rough when it happens.
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I agree with Tom - every time Brady bites, let out a very high pitched, MEW! like you're in pain and act wounded. He'll get the idea that he shouldn't bite you, but it will take some repitition.

Also, be sure not to react to the bites by pulling away sharpley, because then it becomes a game to him.
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