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Well, I have a 100 Gal Tank full of slithery's, allot of maintanance, and time has to be spent nurturing and cleaning, I have my three furmasters here that seem to enjoy running up on the couch I have in front of the tank and table everytime I feed the fish, daily. Something happened the other day that kinda broke me up, but then again in kinda opened my eyes too.

So there I am, got the top off the fish tank, and I'm gonna do the sides of the tank where the view is getting blurry from algae. Naturally all 3 of my masters were viewing and approving of the operation. Until one sharp bulb, decided he wanted to jump on the top of the tank, something they do all the time to view the food, or funny wiggly things, heck they wouldn't know what to do with them if they got em. Whiskey, suddenly found out what swimming was... Now I wouldn't recomend teaching your cats swimming in this manner, it kinda irritates em. So after chasing him all over the apartment (found 2 new hiding places, one in my tennis shoe) I corraled him and began rubbing a warm bathtowel from the microwave over him. He loved that, and calmed down pretty quick, However, I had to bathe him..He smelled like the fish store, and I'm sure all the alchaline didn't do his skin any good either. He has developed an ear infection which I'm treating him (with a chase) for. So here's what you do....If you have dirty cats, like outside ones, and you want to give them shampoo's ? Get rid of the fish, dump the cats in the tank, with soap, put the lid on..rely on natural aggitation to foam em, then open the lid. The natural streak you see will be the cats drying themselves off as they jam outta the tank. Empty tank or use it to wash your tennis shoes...Mike Hinkes, Medford, Oregon. Oh yea, it's a good idea not to stock perana's