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installing photoshop plugins?

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K.. so I have a whole bunch of plug ins for photoshop. one batch has 1700 and one has 250. the thing is, im not having any success installing them. in photoshop, there's the plug in folder, and then a bunch of subfolders under that. first i tried putting some plugins in the plugin folder. i shut photoshop and restarted it, and it refused to start, said a file was missing. minor panic on my part, i delete the plugins from the plugin folder, and then it works again. so this time i try putting some plugins inthe folder plugin>filters. same thing happens. i delete the plugins, photoshop works again. thirdly, i click preferences, and it gives you the option to select a folder for plugins. i select the folder that has the 250 plugins in it (thats all it has in it). same thing happened.

what am i doing wrong? I have all these plugins, they're .8bf files, and i was looking forward to using them, but i can't seem to figure out how to install them. does anyone have any idea what's going on here?

thanks in advance for any help
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This site might be able to help you. It has a forum to ask queastions about photo shop.
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What type of plug ins are you trying to install. Filters would go into the "Filters" folder. However, if you're installing Actions, they would go in another folder. Also make sure the plug ins you're downloading are compatable with your version of Photoshop.
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Thanks Hope I actually managed to figure it out about an hour after I posted this. I looked at the specific name of the file it kept saying was missing, looked for it on the net, found it, downloaded it, installed it in a folder where there were other files of that extension, and voila, it worked

Now I'm going to be online all morning playing with all these new filters Expect more sigs soon, guys
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