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Lesson learned today!

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I have NEVER checked the back of my kitties teeth until tonight!

I took my 17 year old friend Baby in for a routine checkup and vaccinations. I told the Vet about his bad breath - when she examined his mouth, I was HORRIFIED! He had so much tarter buildup in back, that she pried off what she could with a metal tool. Poor Baby has some mouth ulcers to boot!

I am ashamed to admit my igorance, but am doing so in the hopes that others will read this and learn!

Baby is on antibiotics for the next 2 weeks and then we go back to the Vet for a dental re-check and to check on the ulcers in his mouth.

There had been no change in his behavior or eating habits so there was no outer clue that he must have been suffering so!

I have offered him my apologies........and am checking everyone else!
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Thank you for alerting us to this problem we need to be aware of. I've never thought to look at the back of my kitty's teeth & am sure many others haven't either.

Hope everything turns out OK for him. Poor dear, he must have a sore mouth after that digging around in there.

Thanks again,
Betty :bettymarr:
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This isn't something anyone has mentioned, nor have we read about it. Thank you! Because you shared this with us here on the site, our young kitties will get a head start, and hopefully never have to experience this (what must be painful) problem. Thanks for sharing.

Sending best wishes to your kitty! :tounge2:
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