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I'm Kells and I currently have one kitten called Alfie who is boystrous and crazy but gorgeous and loveable! I rescued him when he was about 2/3 weeks old and he is now about 12/13 weeks old. I have a full time job and I think he is lonely so I am going to adopt another kitten about the same age as him from the rescue centre, I have seen a little female kitten called Muffin. Muffin has a little cold at the moment so i am hoping I can get her at the weekend - I just hope they get on??? I think they're young enough!!

Anyway, I am 29 I work for a mobile telephone company as a Sales and Customer Retention Manager and I live alone (well apart from Alfie) I joined this forum for advice, because like any new pet owner, I want to make sure I am doing my best and as I rescued Alfie so young he has a few behavioral issues as he plays very roughly but I am learning how to take the excitment away from my own limbs and onto his toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully running around playing with Muffin will also tire him out!!

Right, best get bathed and ready for work!

Have a nice day

Kells & Alfie xxx