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Incoherent Rant - I get wound up too easily (long rant)

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I wish I could just let things wash over me and not be bothered by them, I really do. A couple of things that are winding me up at the moment:

1) My colleague and his potentially burgeoning cat colony. He has a male and female cat (one is the parent of the other, can't remember which way round though), neither of them are fixed because he thinks it's cruel to deny them the right to mate. The female has of course had a litter recently, which surprised him because he didn't think that a cat would mate with its own child. He is keeping at least one kitten, of course he won't get that fixed either. In quiet moments I just imagine that poor mum churning out kittens until she dies of exhaustion, it goes round and round in my head. He keeps asking me if I want a kitten (he also has a relative with unfixed cats and one of them is pregnant now too, this will be the 3rd litter this year between all the queens they have between them). I keep saying no to taking a kitten because I don't want to encourage him, although I am half expecting him to start dumping these unwanted babies on me because he knows I like cats. He loves his cats, they are well looked after apart from this one (albeit major) thing.

2) People who insist on breeding their cat because they think they can make money. Someone I know mentioned to me last night that their queen was driving them mad because it's in heat and they need to find a mate for it. I told them to get the cat spayed, and was told 'no it's a pedigree and I can sell the kittens for ££££stupid money'. According to her it's a special type of Siamese cat with longer hair than normal siamese cats. I swear I've never heard such rubbish. I've met the cat in question, and lovely as it is, it is nothing special - I thought it was a colourpoint moggy to be honest with you, nothing about it yells show quality siamese at you, it's kind of cobby. Either that or it's some other breed of cat and she doesn't know what the right name is. Not that that is going to stop her trying to breed her cat with a male siamese. The price she quoted to me that she would be able to sell the kittens for is like a ridiculous amount of money, more than you'd have to pay to get a top show quality siamese from a reputable breeder, which this woman is not. She's given away two dogs in the last year because she got fed up with them once they stopped being puppies.

To top it all off, my husband is on early shift today. I've told him not to turn the bedroom light on and wake me when he's on an early - so instead he leaves the light off and blunders round the bedroom in the dark like a herd of elephants bumping into things, and this morning he crashed into the parrot cage and the poor bird fell off his perch and started panicking, at which point I had to get up myself and turn the light on and calm the parrot.... so much for my lie in, I'm really tired

Sorry, just needed to get it all off my chest.
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It would drive me crazy hearing that stuff about people wanting to mate their cats to sell the kittens, or cos its "cruel to not allow them to mate". you might try telling him that cat mating only lasts seconds, its not like they're getting pleasure out of it, so it's really pointless to allow it. not to mention the fact that it produces unwanted kittens, is stressful for the mom, ect.

I'd probably go off and start yelling at him. people can be so idiotic.
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My ex bf still constantly tells me how cruel i am to get teufels balls cut off and kaylees ovaries thrown away!

He had a cat, she had 2 kittens, he didnt get the mommy cat spayed.
anyway he was living on the 4th floor at that time and one of the kittens jumped off the balcony and it died.
THen the mother cat was in heat and she ALSO jumped off the balcony. and fractured her behind legs so now she is disabled.

He ended up giving the mommy cat away and the kitten because he was moving to Austria.

And he dares to still call me for cat advice?

I told him to stop asking me for advice if he isnt even going to listen to it or use it!

People like that make me so mad!
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There seems to be so many careless animals owners around nowadays, there is really no excuse for it - with all the information which is so readily available.

As some of you know, I have been researching cats/kitten care for some weeks now. I have been on the phone to a couple of Aby breeders - what surprised me was the difference between the two breeders.

The first, a woman - was lovely, very honest and genuine, stated she would be happy to rehome one kitten as long as enough time was spent with the kitten. She also invited me to her home to meet her cats. She was able to tell me all about the cats, their personalities, needs, etc.

The second breeder had called me, and man - this was like a sales pitch! I kid you not, I had to ask twice what adoption fee was required, and only at the end of the call did he state that 'you must take two littermates'. It seems to me, that it is about making money also, even for some breeders.

I understand cats are very social animals, I keep rats, and they too are very social animals. Ideally, I want to get one kitten and see how things go from there - if I think the cat is bored, I no doubt, would get him a friend (from a shelter). So why should we feel pressured to take 2 littermates from these breeders?
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