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High fibre wet food?

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The vet has suggested putting Molly on a high fibre wet food for her constipation - have checked every food in the house, and there are only 3 varieties that have 1.0%, the rest are all lower, one as low as 0.2%. Is there any place I can go on to search for things rather than check everything in the supermarket??? She did suggest the diabetic prescription food, but would prefer not to go down that route if i can. Thanks - I am in the UK.
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Just from a quick check in my cupboards;

Tesco Finest Cutlets of Sardine and Mackerel: 1.0%
Feline Fayre, Chicken Fillets and Ham in Jelly: 0.5%
Gourmet Solitaire Premimum fillets with Beef in Sauce: 0.5%
Natures Menu: 0.2%

From the looks of things (not that I've done much reasearch other then my cupboard! ) It might be the supermarket brands that have higher fibre content.

ETA: Also, I just checked Nutro. Adult Indoor, Rich in Chicken with Broth has 0.7% The others are generally around 0.3% except the Adult Turkey with Broth which is 0.4%
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Just found a higher one on my visit to Jollyes - must have looked daft reading every single lable and buying only a few tins!

Hills Science Plan Senior has 1.1% Fibre - that was the highest I found
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wet food generally is not high fiber since most have fewer grains .... Can you try sprinkling a metamucil type supplement into the wet??
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Cheers Sar - the highest I could find here were 3 varieties of HiLife, only one of whcih I have left, that was also 1.0. I think I will have to look odd in the supermarket - would prefer to keep her on the higher quality foods, but if high fibre is what she needs, then she will get it. Mind you, the dry foods I have in are only abou 2% as well. Someone on another forum suggested bran, which I will try and find on Sat, and I will put a call into the vet tomorrow to check it is fine and also ask about the metamucil stuff.
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Prego eats Hill's w/d, which I think has some fiber, but I'm not sure how much.

Polly has to have fiber in her diet because she has trouble expressing her anal glands. Unfortunatly, she's being picky about her fiber, so here's what we've tried so far:

Canned pumpkin
All-Bran Cereal
Bran muffins
Now, she's eating the new Metamucil FiberSure. It dissolves into food or liquid, so they don't even know it's there.
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You'll look just as odd as I did! All good fun!

The ingredients of the Tesco Finest Cutlets of Sardine and Mackerel are:
Sardine (min 50%), Mackerel (min 15%), Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Starch, Vitamins and Minerals.
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