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1 Down 2 to Go...I beg you all to sign

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I recieved an e-mail 5 days ago which was very distressing.
The article was about a " man " in spain who beat his dog to death.

Contained in the article was a video recorded by his neighbour (a vet ) and shows the horrifying attack on the german shepherd.

I won't go into detail of the harrowing attack but this " man " callously beat his dog time after time and even went back and forth for bigger weapons.
I don't know why the vet neighbour did not intervene.

The " man " was taken to court and fined 6000 euro's(approx$ 7,500)

I have wrangled with my concience wether to post the link due to the graphic and horrifying content and the need to substantiate the petition I am going to BEG you all to sign.
The petition is to change the law in spain as there is no law in spain to stop people convicted of animal abuse from owning pets.

This " man " now has 2 new puppies

The article and petition is in spanish and I know not all of us will understand what we are signing,which is why if any member wants to confirm this story before signing you can pm me and I will send you the link to the story.

Warning...the background image of the petition page has a disturbing image of a dog...this is not the dog that was beaten to death.

This is the link to the petition.... http://firmas. amnistianimalmad

Nombre = Your first name
Appelidos = your last name
Dni/Passport = You can leave empty

Firmar = Confirm Signature

Many many thanks in advance for your time.
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That's a very sad story, I signed it, The animals don't deserve that under any circumstances.. I have signed many petition for this kind of stuff, it's just Heartbraking..
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Diana i'll move this sad story to S.O.S.
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Signed. I hope those poor puppies can be saved.
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I signed too. That "man" should not be allowed to have any animals or be near any animals!
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I sure hope this petition has some sort of effect... at the very least it will raise awareness.
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i signed that, the picture is horrible
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I signed it, too. Hope it helps.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
Diana i'll move this sad story to S.O.S.
Thanks Susan,I didn't know wether to put it here or imo.

Thank you to everybody who has already signed this petition

But they still need a lot more signatures

This was a horrific attack on a poor defenceless dog who was chained up and couldn't get away.
That is FREE to do the same again to his 2 new puppies

Please pass this petition to your contacts and friends and crosspost wherever possible.

Thank you
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I have signed the petition as well
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I have also signed - thank you for the warning about the pic.

If, like me, you just can't see this stuff, you can temporarily switch off all images on your browser (on your tool bar, go to tools - options/preferences - images tab or web tab - it will vary by browser, but shouldn't take more than 30 sec. to find).

You can switch off images before you open the petition, and turn them back on once you have signed it and closed that window.
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I signed it
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I signed also.
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I signed it too. Thanks for putting this up for me to sign. I hope we can make a difference
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Just read your post today, 14 November; I signed. Hope everyone does the same.
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I signed the petition. I cannot believe someone would do that to a dog! I really hope this "man" gets those poor pups taken away from him!
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