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Fez finds a an outside cat found his family.

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Warning, this may cause happy tears!

In June 2006, a nice family became concerned about the outside cats in their neighborhood, and called Second Chance Pet Adoption. The cats were spayed and neutered. The kittens were sent to foster homes to try to tame them. Three little scared kittens ended up at my house.

There was a black and white kitty who was a little bigger than the other two. He had a black "W" on the back of his head, and an "I", then a "T", so he was named Wit.

Then there were twin brothers, who looked so much alike that we had to mark them to tell them apart!

These were the early days, hiding in the cage. Even then, Eugene hid behind Dylan. He was just a little shyer, and a little more careful.
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adorable babies!
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Time passed, and the kitties tamed. Dylan became a toy to my kids, he was carried around all day. Wit and Eugene got some attention, but Dylan was just such a sweetheart. Here are the brothers playing by the cat tree. Dylan has the red collar, and Eugene has no collar.

The boys remained very close, even when they had run of the house. Wit always remained protective towards the younger kittens.

Eugene climbing up towards Wit.
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They did there share of wrestling. This is Wit and Eugene.

Often the wrestling would turn into a chance for Wit to give Eugene a bath.

The three brothers...generally always together.
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Eugene and Dylan had the largest ears. What sweet little baby faces! This is Eugene.
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Finally, that happy day. Wit and Dylan were adopted to separate homes in the middle of August. Wit became Oreo, and adjusted well to his new family. Dylan remained Dylan, and became the plaything of several children. He is loving the constant attention, and both cats are fitting in well in there new homes.

Eugene did not get adoped, however there were several more kittens from the original area. So Eugene went to live with them. He fit right in with Mickey (most likely Wit/Oreo's littermate) and Rooney (most likely Dylan and Eugene's littermate). They never had a moment of shyness towards each other. Almost like they remembered their kittenhood, roaming the streets together.

Another month passed, and in late September we were at another adoption show. As you can see, Mickey (white and brown tabby) was extremely protective of "his" kittens. He often held his ears back, and had a stern expression. Yes, that is Eugene on the bottom of the protective pile.

Then finally...great news! More adoptions! Somebody chose Mickey and Rooney (gray and white)! They get to go together!

Later I heard that the first time the new owner started the vaccuum, Mickey jumped on top of Rooney to protect him! What an adorable pair. Together since birth, and now forever!
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But what is this? Eugene left alone again, and now with no more brothers to join. Certainly we will put him with some other kittens, but he was so bonded with two sets of brothers, and it just doesn't feel right that he is not adopted. After all, while he is a little shyer than Wit/Oreo or Dylan, he is a wonderful kitty!

Then in comes a lady who says she has always been a dog person, and has a cat friendly dog. One day she decided...I want a cat! She decided to get an older cat, so it would be calm with her dog Samantha. There was a beautiful white kitty up for adoption that day. As soon as she picked the lovely girl up, she hissed and growled and basically let us know she was WAY stressed by the adoption show!

Eugene had been friendly with my dog when he stayed with me. He would rub against her sometimes, which is more than any other cats at my house would do! And he is so sweet.

She decides to take him home. Happy to have such a cute kitten, she carefully introduces him to her dog Samantha. It is hate at first sight.

About a week later, Eugene, renamed Fez, decided Samantha wasn't so bad after all! He now follows her around the house, plays with toys with her, and except for the occasional swat to keep her in line, they are best friends. So he now has a big sister to protect him, instead of a big brother.
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Awwwww. what a wonder story!!And a happy ending.
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That truly is a wonderful story!! I was feeling quite worried for Eugene for a while there!! It's always so hard to tell people how wonderful the shy kitties are once they settle down.

You must feel so pleased you were able to help all those guys so much
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Oh my goodness, how sweet was that story!! And their all gorgeous
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I'm such a sap... I'm crying!!!

I'm so glad that Eugene found a good home!!!!
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Sounds suspiciously like a children's book.

Great story.
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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042 View Post
Sounds suspiciously like a children's book.

Great story.
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I got an e-mail update about Fez. He went to get his claws trimmed, and cried all the way there and back. He and Samantha had a happy reunion when he got home!!! And he likes to play with the tennis balls Samantha has all over the house. Fez will bat them around, and Samantha fetches them for him and brings them back! A dog and cat playing fetch!

And now, they are sleeping together! Usually Fez greets his human in the morning, so the first morning he didn't come say hello she was scared! Then she found him, cuddled under Samantha. All she can see is his face! I guess she really IS his new protector, taking over where Wit/Oreo and Mickey left off!
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