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Adult eating kitten food!!

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I have two 13 week old sisters who are currently on Purina Kitten Chow, and my fiance's female, not related, is on Science Diet and Fancy Feast. The kittens can't get to her food, it's placed to high, but how do I keep her from getting to their food which she loves? Please help, my big girl is getting bigger and I don't know what to do!
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You could look into a food for all life stages or not free feeding them. I would actually think of looking for new foods too because Fancy Feast, Purina and Science Diet are really poor quality foods, sort of like the McDonalds of the cat world
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Have set mealtimes when you're there to supervise, and when they're finished the first go-round (some or all of the food), remove the bowls and produce them again later (not hours, but maybe half an hour later while it's still fresh) for them to finish.
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I am currently feeding my adult cat and my kitten a blend of Nutro kitten and Innova Evo, which is an all-stages food. My cat is not getting any fatter as a result, and the kitten is getting the nutrition he needs.

You might try something similar until the kittens are big enough to go onto adult food.
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I saw a splendid cat at the vet when I was taking Gizmo for a heart exam last spring. The fellow was bright eyed, had fantastic fur, and was slender and active. His owner told me the cat was 14 years old and was eating (I think) Nutro kitten food.

I think that it is possible to leave an adult cat on kitten food as long as it is not given to them in excessive quantities.
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I would separate the kittens when they eat (not free feed) to keep the older one from eating their food. Kitten food is high in calories and unless its a female who is nursing, adults should not be eating it - they will gain too much weight.

Also I'd feed a higher quality food to the kittens - Purina is not that great.
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It sounds like such a good idea (the goodlooking 14 yr old cat on Nutro), but kitten food contains a lot of protein, and the older cats get, the less they need as it's not so good for their kidneys - too much puts a load on them that's unnecessary and can lead to trouble.
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I just give Typhus (kitten) good all-stages dry & wet food and feed her in the bathroom with the door shut. Pudge (adult) gets fed the same all-stages wet food atop the kitchen cabinets.

It doesn't matter if Pudge gets into Typhus' food, because Typhus only ever leaves a few pieces of food behind, making it more of a small snack between feeding times than an extra meal.
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I had this talk with my vet .... Her answer was kitten food is fine for adult cats provided they arent gaining wt ... Yes kitten food is much too high in protein for MOST senior cats( I have had vets send people to me with hyperthyriod cats asking for kitten).... All stage is basically adult food and many adult foods are labeled all stage in fine print ...

A few to look at depending on the adults cat age

Solid Gold
Chicken soup
Premium edge

all but Innova are well priced in most places ...
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Thank you all, I'll go check which brands are available to me the next day I have off soon. I had checked the kitten chow and I noticed it didn't say anything about easy to digest or anything. Thanks again, they'll be getting a new diet, which I'm sure will thrill the kittens.
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