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Food - My compliments to the TCSers

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So you may remember several months ago when Luna had bloody poo. After 3 visits to the vet, the vet recommended to change her diet as she believed that the blood was partly from stress (Luna doesn't like other cats and having to share a domain) and food that is hard to digest. So the vet recommended a brand for sensitive stomachs.

Thus, all the cats had to switch (which I did over a 1-2 week period as anyone should).

Anyhoo, background on this is one of my original postings on TCS was for Beauty's dandruff. She has horrible skin and dandruff problems, right up there with shedding. If you brushed both her and patches, you could still grab a clump of fur big enough for a newborn kitten.

So I came here, got advise, ran it by the boyfriend and a big fat "NO" came out as the recommendation was to change the diet with a higher Omega 3. He felt that Patches and Beauty were too old to change food on (they're 12) and didn't want to do that to them.

Well along came Luna and her bloody poo so in the end I switch the cats from Purina Chow to Eukanuba (and I know most of you don't like the brand since it has by-meat and also made by Iams aka Purina, but really I've tried the other stuff like Nurto and they won't touch it).
Anyhoo, since the change:
  • Luna no longer has bloody poo
  • Beauty now only shows a little dandruff
  • Beauty's skin and fur is excellent
  • Beauty has also lost weight - gradually
  • Patches and Beauty no longer shed as much
So the verdict is: diet change CAN be good. sometimes the cheap stuff doesn't always cut it.

Thank you!

Girlfriend 1 Boyfriend 0
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Aww I am glad you got improvement .... and since eukanuba worked ... when and if you want to change to "higher quality" you may want to try SOlid Gold
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Yeah for the kitties! glad everyone is healthy and happy now
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I'm glad switching food helped that much!!
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