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I have been spoiled

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by Trent and Ophelia. They are just plain good cats. They just don't get in trouble. They don't go where we really don't want them to, unless it's for a good reason (i.e. scared or chasing bugs). They are very polite when we eat, even though we normally eat sitting on the couch. I mean, we don't tempt fate by leaving our plates unattended, but unless it's something Ophelia just can't resist (alfredo sauce or butter) they wouldn't get into them anyway. Ophelia likes to lick the little bit of juices off a plate after we're done, but she waits patiently (unless it's one of the above ) until we're done. They usually play nice together, except for the fact the Trent doesn't always take Ophelia's "no" seriously.

And then, along came Ginger. Now, Ginger is the sweetest kitty in the world. She loves to be held, she loves to be on my shoulder, and she really, really loves to give the sweetest headbumps and rubs on anyone's face who is close enough to reach. BUT - that kitten is a brat! Honestly, I think that she may have been taken from Mom-cat too early because she is seriously lacking some kitty manners. She rushes up to Trent and Ophelia. They don't know what to make of her! Ophelia just doesn't like her, or is at least showing her in no uncertain terms that she is the Alpha cat. Trent...well, Trent wants to be friends, but Ginger's manner of playing - running up and smacking him, or all out tackling and screaming like a banshee - isn't quite to his taste. Once again, he is twice as big as Ginger, but will he use his size to his advantage and just pounce her? Nope, he's too nice to do that to a girl. Does Ginger learn that they don't like how she approaches them? Nope. She's just going to keep doing it until she wins them over, I guess.

Oh yes, and Ginger will get right in our plates if we don't watch her. She's learning...slowly, but surely she is learning. But it's lucky that she is so darn cute at times....
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LOL I used to have a cat that would steal your food and fight you for it. He would jump into your plate take what ever he could grab and smack you if you tried to stop him he was evil but he could be so loving and I had a cat that liked to sit on the fridge and we had to smack the side of the fridge, not him, to shoo him away from it and he would on occasion shred the fly swatter.
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Welcome to the world of owners of bratty-cats!
I'll trade you Wiggies at 3 am when he thinks we should just wake up already.
Or Pushy as he continues to eat the new plant I bought, despite all our efforts to dissuade him. Not that he's shy about eating stuff he's not supposed to.
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Sounds like Smudge & Ginger need a play date! He's not too bad about the food, but he's quite a big oaf about "personal space" LOL.
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I knew we had tempted fate too much with two of the best behaved cats I've ever heard of.

I forgot to mention Ginger's brattiest thing to date. We were trying to do very slow and supervised introductions. We bought a screen door - cheapy wood frame one - and since we didn't want to permanently have it attached, we just used a couple of hood and eye latches to put it up. She figured out how to unhook the latch, though not how to open the door with the latch undone. But, not to be outsmarted by a door, she did figure out 2 ways of getting out of said door while we were out once she decided that she was done with being separated. She figured out how to push the bottom corner out just enough to squeeze through. What a surprise to come home to Ginger out on the stairs! So, we tried to outsmart her by putting heavy objects on the outside of the door so she couldn't push it out. Yeah, right. She then figured out that if she scaled the screen on one side, the top pushed out and she could jump out. Well, that's how we think she did it - she didn't tell us. It was either that or the side of the screen that she had been working on pulling out for at least a full week got big enough for her to squeeze out. Either way, we came home to Ginger on the stairs again.

So far she hasn't been too bratty in the early-dawn-thirty hours (since she's been let out of "her" room), but she sure doesn't get it that Meowmy pushes the snooze button a few times. And the plant hasn't caught her eye either yet.

I know that she isn't on 8-Bit standards yet but she can't be the only bratty cat besides Tavia's predecessor and Wiggies and Pushy and Smudge. What am I in store for?!?
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Being owned by 8-Bit is a wonderful thing. Yes, he's bratty, but he also is very loving. It's best not to ask questions like "Oh Lord, what can she do next?",
because she will show you. The best thing to do is to roll with it, love her, and think of her as a gift. 8-Bit may be my agent of Karma, but he is also the one of the best things to ever happen to me.
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Smudge is definitely a bit of a brat who will grow into a big brat! She'll try to eat off our plates while we're eating, and I put her on the ground, and she jumps right back up, I put her down, and jumps up hubby's legs, and digs her claws her into his skin as she climbs, so he squeals, and gets distracted while she takes the food off his plate (that was last night!).

She squeals like a banshee when playing with Lily, then as soon as Lily gets in trouble and pushed off, she jumps right back on Lily!

She scoffs her food down like we've starved her, gets under our feet in the kitchen whenever we go in there, and then steals the big kitty's food!

She was separated from her mum at 2 weeks, and is currently spoiled rotten and we love her to bits

Ginger sounds like a real character - it's about time you had a rascal of a kitty I imagine you already can't imagine life without her antics
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I also didn't realize how spoiled I was by Molly.
I am happy to say that Abby has mellowed out a bit. Hopefully Ginger will do the same "Houdini" did somehow manage to get through the baby gate the other morning and hopped into bed with me. We don't know how she did it
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Oh, all three of mine are little brats in their own special ways. Annabelle waits until we have the coffee table full of stuff, then decides to come running in and jump up and slide across it knocking everything to the floor, stopping just in time before she ends up on the floor. She also gets into everything!

Lucy was also separated from Momma at about 2 weeks. She is a snot. But a cute fluffy grey snot She will be pet only on her terms, which is usually when we're in bed. She just has to lay right across my puzzle book. Then she swipes at me when I try to pet her. Sometimes she'll hiss if ya walk too close to her, then she'll come up and rub on your leg. Talk about a moody little girl

Daisy is something else. She was given up by her owner to the H.S. because her owner was allergic. She is the sweetest little girl and is constantly wanting to be pet. We didn't realize cats could be so needy till we got Daisy. She's needy, neurotic, whiney, talkative, nosey, helpless (at least, she thinks she is sometimes) and I swear she's a little obssessive compulsive And she can open the basement door.
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Aw, they all sound so sweet..even Ginger

I am spoiled by Trout too, she is very well behaved
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Reminds me a bit of my kitties. I also eat on the sofa since it's just me. Well, me and the kitties. But Peaches will just lay sweetly like the little lady she is, on the arm of the sofa. Jazzy is just a chicken/meat thief. He begs and meows and tries to get right in my plate. Jake doesn't like anything but his cat food. But I have to give Jazzy some chicken just so I can eat in peace. Then I have to give Peaches some too because she just sits there looking up at me and watching Jazzy eat and I feel guilty! When I make fish, Peaches and Jazzy get more then half of it.
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Luckily Tavia doesn't like human food but she does like to love on dirty clothes and if dad lays his shirt on the chair she will pull it down on the floor to love on it. And she will hide in the laundry room and jump out and grab at the dogs and scare them as if to say tag your it.
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Heidi, I'm just relieved you have the patience and sense of humor to put up with "bratty" little Ginger Cookie.

I feel guilty now that I made her out to be such a "perfect" kitty when she was with me but, honestly, beyond being so incredibly sweet and cute that she convinced me to give into her every demand, she wasn't any trouble at all! (Aside from the fact that she absolutely terrified Peter that is! )

All I can do at this point is express my undying gratitude for your willingness to put up with your little brat and giving her such a wonderful home. Tell her I said to "be good!"

Also, for what it's worth, I have a bratty kitty of my own - her Royal Highness Princess Gracie!
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She's just being....Ginger. She's full of love AND purrsonality! Maybe we should call her the Ginger Cookie Monster!

Ginger just discovered a new game. Apparently I was *gasp* reading this thread instead of paying attention to her. So she happily knocked all kinds of things off my desk, purring the whole time. I picked her up, held her for a couple minutes until she was done, and now she's happy to go elsewhere in the house. Yup...she's a brat all right!
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lol lol sounds very cute to me.

heyu likes to try and stick her paw into anything you drinking.
she scared me once when she did that to hot cup of coffee, but she was ok.

haha, yep i love it when they start pushing off stuff then look at you like, "yes did you want something"
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I have one serious brat in my fur family as well, and his name is Simba the Zulu Warrior. You could take 8 Bit and Ginger, and combine all of their brattiness into one cat, and you still would have a better behaved kitty than Simba. Of course, it's so hard for me to get mad at Simba because he's so adorable being bratty, but there are times when I wish he would just stay out of things, and not constantly search from one new thing to the next to get into, not to mention he has loads of fun pouncing on the other cats, when they're relaxed and sleeping.
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Heidi, you've got something worse than a've got a smart brat! It's so much worse when they're smart
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You just made me realise that 2 kitties isnt enough!
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Sounds like Bailey and Ginger are siblings!!! LOLOL Brat is his middle name too, but I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world!!
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Oh Heidi!...that´s is wonderful!!!.....this made my day!
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I will trade you Rowdy, for a week and you'll find out how a REAL brat cat acts. She will look you dead in the eye and do something, that she KNOWS is naughty. In addition, forget romance - Rowdy thinks that men are for HER and her alone.
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So, another question for you with brat cats. Are they usually the dominant cat in the house? We're finding that Ginger is taking advantage of the uncertainty shown by both Trent and Ophelia. I think she's going to end up being Alpha, unless Ophelia gets sure of herself real quick.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
So, another question for you with brat cats. Are they usually the dominant cat in the house? We're finding that Ginger is taking advantage of the uncertainty shown by both Trent and Ophelia. I think she's going to end up being Alpha, unless Ophelia gets sure of herself real quick.
8-Bit is the Alpha here. He will attempt to bury his brother's toys in his litter box, knock them into the toilet, and bit his rump if he gets out of line.

Although, today was the first time I caught them sleeping together. It was soooo cute! It takes time for them to get a long, but when it does you can feel the love in the whole house.
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Let's hope Ginger doesn't teach Trent and Ophelia her tricks! Can Jamie call her? He should really let her know about the "kamikaze cat attack at the table" trick.
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Simba is definately the Alpha in this house, at least when it comes to the other cats. I have to constantly remind him, that I am the TRUE Alpha of the house
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I have to say, I don't think Ginger could ever compete with 8-Bit OR Simba and their antics! They are so full of purrsonality they are just about to burst out of their fur.
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My Ophelia is a bratty cat, I guess. No matter how many times I tell her, she never listens! She screams like a banshee, not just when she's playing, but ALL THE TIME.... She doesn't know how to play, she more or less thwacks the other kitty as hard as she can...thank goodness Dorian can take a beating. She is insanely possessive/aggressive/mean about some things. She is VERY dominant cat. So is Twitch...every once in awhile they sit back to back fuming without the other ever knowing they are there.

I guess Ophelia isn't as bad as Ginger. She does have her moments. She can open doors, like normal ones. We keep all doors to the outside locked if Ophelia may have access to them or she takes all the kitties for a walk.

Just makes you appreciate the kitties you've had more. Ginger is the reason why I NEVER want a kitten again. I like the ones who have grown out of the brattiness, or the ones I know will be brats forever.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
...Ginger just discovered a new game. Apparently I was *gasp* reading this thread instead of paying attention to her. So she happily knocked all kinds of things off my desk, purring the whole time. I picked her up, held her for a couple minutes until she was done, and now she's happy to go elsewhere in the house. Yup...she's a brat all right!
I'm sorry I laughed when I read this post, Heidi - but it is SO Flowerbelle, lol!!!! I've never thought of Flowerbelle as a brat (Gary sure does!) before - but I guess that's what it is! I just thought she has lots of energy...

When she wants attention, you KNOW it. She'll jump up on the table in the bedroom where Gary drops all the crap out of his pockets - and she starts pushing things off one by one. Each time, she'll look over at us. We've learned not to leave easy to knock over glasses out - and we don't leave anything that can break anywhere they can get to. We decided to ignore this behavior until she left wherever she was pushing things from, because we didn't want her to learn that she could knock something off a table and get attention for it.

Of course... it hasn't discouraged her at all from doing it! Three years later, and there she is....

Of course, there's always paper tearing. This tends to be more when she's angry that we're not playing with her anymore. But Gary loves to go to work and be able to say "my cat ate it!"

What we do for Flowerbelle is

1) Play with her A LOT. WAY more than the other cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank GOD she loves to fetch this one wand toy. I've got my chair set up so I can chuck it down the stairs and still work - so I only have to mildly be involved attention-wise with playing. I remember MA used to tie strings with toys on them so they'd drag around the house when she vacuumed, dusted or cleaned or whatever. THat's a good idea!

2) Change the environment frequently. She doesn't need as much attention when she's got new things to explore - and bags and boxes fit the bill perfectly. We "build" cat condos out of large, various-sized boxes. Cut holes, tape them together, &etc. It takes like 1/2 an hour to build the main thing - and a few minutes to change the config or move rooms (or both). We change the configuration, move it to new rooms, etc. We drop paper bags down in different places (and pick up the old ones) several times a week. We open closet doors that are normally closed so she's got a "new" place to explore.

And as for the dinner table - it's just a lot of blowing in her face and setting her back down on the floor. A LOT. Or Gary keeps an air can around, and blows it at her feet. That seems to work best. (For the other cats the noise of a hissing air can alone does the trick, but as Flowerbelle's deaf, it has to be right near her).

We do our best to give her lots of attention when it's convenient for us - and the more we give, the less she demands when it's not convenient. That's not to say it doesn't happen, because it does. But she just has more energy than they other guys and needs more attention than they do! Or - she's just a bigger brat.

As to the alpha thing... it may seem like Ginger's alpha for a while. And she may be. But if Ophelia was your alpha, and she decides she wants it back - at some point in the future she will take it back.
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You were spoiled, Heidi! Step down from your cloud, Ma'am and welcome to my world ! Bratt-i-ness aside, she sounds like a very cute cat and she looks really good in your siggy, too!
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