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Traveling with kitty

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Hello. I have two cats. When we had one cat and we went away overnight or for two nights, we used feeder-timers to feed at the right times. We don't just free-feed.

Now, the second (newer) cat needs a particular food plus we are concerned about one eating all the food before the other gets to it, so we can't leave them home alone overnight.

I would like to visit my parents over Thanksgiving for a couple days. My plan is to leave the original cat home with her feeder-timers, and bring the newer cat with us. I don't want to use the vet to board him cause there's noisy dogs there and they have very inconvenient drop off/pick up times.

My question is, is it overly mean to be driving with kitty for an hour trip? He does ok on trips to the vet - he's mostly quiet and just pouts. If this works well we'd like to do it again in other instances where we go away overnight or visit my parents again. In your opinion, is that cruel?

Secon question - anyone know of a soft-sided carrier that is ready to be strapped in to the seat belt? I want to keep him safe during the trip! Thanks.
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The cat will be fine for a one hour trip.

Get a soft side carrier with a handle on the end; you can feed the seatbelt through this end handle and the cat should be safe on the seat.
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Hubby and I just got back from a trip with our cat, Anya, that was 3 hours in the car there and back. She was fine. A little pouty by the end, and started meowing some. She was fine when we got there, and never got sick or had a bathroom accident.

We use the Sherpa soft carriers, as they are also airline approved for when it will be necessary for her to come with us on flights.
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Show cats may travel SEVERAL hours to a show without any problems. An hour's drive should be fine.

I use the soft-side carrier and usually put it on the back seat or floor for the trip. I suppose you could slip the seat belt through the handles but if you have someone to go along with you, they can watch over the carrier.
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