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I want my kitten!

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I have been on this forum for a couple of months now doing research, have all that I need for my kitten but my boyfriend isn't keen on having the kitten as we have 2 rats.

I really want this kitten NOW! I know, I sound incredibly spoiled
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The rats are caged correct???

why not cats with rats
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There is a thread that shows pics of a tiny kitten playing with a rat. You should find it and show it to him. It is soooo cute! I would find it and post a link, but I am nearly computer illiterate.
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Rats are too big to make a rat-size kitten think of them as prey. And then once you have introduced them, the kitten will think of them as "friend" as it grows up.

Anyway, they have got their cages, even if there are aggression problems; and cats can be trained to keep away.
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Here is the thread about the kitten and the rat. Let your boyfriend see this

My neighbors tiny kitten and her rat
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That is really funny because I have 5 rats and 9 cats at the moment. The rats always escape from their cage too and the cats don't even pay any attention.
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Thanks for the replies guys! I know!!! I showed him those photographs, they were just fantastic, I also showed him the photo with the dog and the rat. I have been nagging him and I think he is sick of listening to me, to be honest!

I did agree a while ago though, that I would wait until we no longer had ratties!

I think I'm going to have to resort to some kind of blackmail....
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Is there any possibility of going to a cat show in your area? It's kind of fun to just see all the different kinds of cats, and some cats tend to be more "guy" cats, IMO, like Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, or Ragdolls...cause they're big and tend to be "dog-like"...
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