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Head and Shoulders for Cats?

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I live with my fiancee and our cat, Tyler. Tyler is an American Shorthair, about 16 months, balck fur with white whiskers, markings, and "boots".

A couple of months ago, the weather started changing drastically. This took an effect on Tyler's coat. He has been getting dandruff off and on for a while; and he shed a bit (no bald or hot spots). We started mixing in Hill's Science Diet in with Friskies for his skin; also partially because the friskies makes him a bit gassy. He cleans himself quite regularly (a few times a day), he eats and uses the litter box regularly, and he has been active since we have had him.

I read somewhere that a human dandruff shampoos and cream rinses are a good thing to use to clear up skin and coat problems. I really don't want to give him a bath, especially if the shampoos will harm him. Does anyone know what could cause his dandruff and shedding? If so, please post something.
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My Ivo has the same problem-shes a tuxedo with white feet, chest and stomach. She gets dandruff at the base of her tail and up her spine a little. She also has a problem with itchy ears, so her vet prescribed Derm Caps, a concentrated omega fatty acid supplement. It comes as a liquid, and because Ivo is such a pain to medicate, I add it to her food. She may not get as much as prescribed, but the itching has stopped and the dandruff has gotten better. You may want to ask your vet about a fatty supplement like Derm Caps. I don't know if any are available over the counter.

If you do decide to use a shampoo or conditioner, please stay away from those that contain Tea Tree oil! A recent thread describes how it can be toxic and even fatal to cats. Here's the thread:

Good luck with the dandruff!
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Really, it's never a good idea to use any shampoos that aren't made for cats. Your best bet is to suppliment with omega 3 fatty acids. The derm caps are one form of them. You can also find a wide variety at a local pet store.
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