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Thomas throws up his food about4 times a week and has for the past year. (we have had him for 19 months.) We have changed his food from Iames lamb & rice to CDOXL for urinary problems and that seems to have cured the crystals. He did throw up the Iames, too. However, cleaning up on my new rug so often is a big pain. I asked the vet and she told me to give him Kaeopectate 30 minutes before he eats. Well, he eats whenever so that really didn't work. I only noticed a hairball once. He is a big orange cat and is healthy otherwise. Any suggestions?
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Just mix a little of it with his food to start, then work it up to where he is getting a tablespoon a day.It aids in digestive upset. Good luck- Orange kitties are the best!
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I agree! Orange cats rule! I have heard that some cats are just vomitters. (I know you aren't anxious to hear that one Thomas). Any truth to that?
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Welcome Thomas the Cat!!! I moved your thread to the health & nutrition forums, thought you might get more response here!
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Well, cats vomit for lots of reasons. Sometimes just because they like to lol. You might want to try (if you can) just giving him small meals a day. Whatever the recomended amount is for your baby and split it up. Sometimes they eat a little too fast and thats why it comes back up. I am really surprised a vet recommended the kaopectate for prevention. It is usually only used to control it after it happens. If he is just getting a back up..you may just want to add a teaspoon or so of mineral oil to his food.
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One thing I have noticed is that my cats vomit more on some food than others! We just switched them off Purina OM (vet had us on it 'cuz my cats are... well there is just more of them to love :P ) because they throw up all of the time. Some hair balls but mostly just bile.

Just a thought...

Heather V. Havel
Michigan - USA
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My cat vomits a lot too. The vet suggested that perhaps he was eating too fast. He thought I should put two strips of tape over the bowl so that Smitty could only get one piece of cat food out at a time. THis might slow him down. I haven't seen any difference, but he eats just fine and is not losing weight, so I am not pursuing it. If anyone else has information, though, I would be happy to revisit this problem.
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I aquired a 4-yr old cat from another owner. This cat was used to having dry food available all day long. I started putting less food in his bowl, so that by morning all of it was gone. When I refilled the bowl the next morning, he'd eat some and regurgitate it. The reason was simple: he got too hungry when the bowl was empty during the night, and overate the next chance he got.

My fix: I increased his portion so the bowl never got empty. The vomiting stopped. Intrestingly enough, even though I increased his portion, he never ate that extra amount. I guess he just wanted to always see some food in his bowl.

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