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Freaking out about work.

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I spent the summer looking for a new job so this is not the job I want, but I do need to work. They are doing all kinds of reorginization where I work & I'm so afraid I'll loose my job or be offered some job working on the floor. I am on lunch break right now & I'm trying to remain calm, but it's not working. It's preety much a given that I'm going to have a new boss which stinks because I know what my current boss expects. I'm just so sick of changes right now I could scream. I've got enough going on in my personal life that it was nice to have stability at work. I'm just about ready to loose it . OK, I just have to vent.
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Sorry things are stressing you and I hope things go ok at work for you and they dont change it up o ya so i will send ya some good vibes

)))))))~*GOOD VIBES*~((((((((((((
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Take some deep breathes and try to stay calm. Are you looking for a "career" job or anything is better than this job?? I would list what is important in a job, your skills and go from there.
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Hey there, are you feeling any better now that your home?
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Take deep calming breaths. And learn to enjoy change (though it is always a scary ride). I've been through so many reorgs and have even had the company spin off my business unit twice. Are you seeing any new opportunities to expand yourself? Or this could be an opportunity to go to another job.

Sending you good luck vibes.
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Calm down sweetie...i'm sure everything will work out Any updates?
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I am feeling better today. I'm working in a foundry right now & I'm working on my Masters in Community Counseling so I don't want to stay here forever, but it works for now. I've been a little jumpy lately because I hate change & my parents getting a divorce is a huge change so any other instability is more than I can handle. I don't think I'm going to lose my job, but I do think I'm not going to like the changes to my responsibilities. I spent all summer trying to get a differnt job, but had absolutely no luck. Now that school is in full swing I don't really have time to look for a new job. Making a career change is very hard. No one wants to hire me for entry level positions because I've got to much education, but I don't have enough education to be hired as a counselor.
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OK, here is your mantra for the next few months at the job. "mine is not to question why, mine is but to do or die." Somehow that helps me through ridiculous or stressful situations.

Good for your decision to continue with your education and become a counselor. In a little while you will be exactly where you planned.
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