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Both cats are being treated for roundworms (one home, one at the vet still). From what I've read, it's a bear to get rid of all of the eggs that are around the house. What is the best way to go about this? Will washing their bedding on hot water do the trick? Or do I need to get rid of the bedding altogether? How about our bedding? They sleep on our bed a lot of the day when we're not here, and then along with us at night.... will washing the sheets and comforters help or do I need to somehow sanitize everything?

How about the carpeting and floors? I steamcleaned about a month ago, but should I re-steam it now that they're being treated? Is vacuuming enough or should I break out the steam cleaner again?

Are their bowls a concern or will a run through the dishwasher be sufficient? Also, the LITTER BOX!!!!... I've read that bleaching could be dangerous. Can I use a solution with OxiClean or would that be equally as dangerous (or worse!)? And how often should I be changing the litter... I'm wondering if I should just put some newspaper in there to make it easier to change, and more healthy for them for the time being.

UPDATE ON POLLYANNA: still at the vet, being x-rayed this afternoon to check for blockages. Vet's main concern is that there is damage to her digestive tract and tummy but he said it SHOULD be manageable if there is damage. Stupid worms!!