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***In Memorium***Diddo Kahli

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Oh baby girl. How much you are missed. I have so much to tell you.

ChanKahli is carring on your wonderful tradtion of being the head calico cat. She is so regal. Mommy took in a stray a few months ago, I though she was pregnant, but she isn't. I am taking her to the vet on the 24th to have her spayed. She has taken over your spot on top of the computer and it so funny that when I see her there, I always think of you. Pete is doing better, we don't call him Pee-Pee Pete anymore. KiyaChan really misses you as do we all. Sebastian joined you not too long ago too

This is the third year we have had to be without you and although the physical and emotional pain has dimmed somewhat, my heart and my very being will never stop thinking about you and missing you.

Please give your sister, Princess Alexis a kitty kiss and hug for me, and tell her that we all miss her too. I'll bet she is chasing butterfiles as we speak. Don't you pull Sebastian's ears just because they are long, he gave you doggy kisses through the fence. Don't hurt the hummers either, they just like to play, you know that.

Most of all, I miss your warm purring body under my covers, close by me, so soft and sweet. Thank you for all the kitty kisses you gave me, I sure could use one now.

DiddoKahli.....loved beyond all measure.....missed beyond all belief
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Bless you for your love for your sweet girl.
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Your tribute to your beloved Diddo Kahli brought tears to my eyes.
Your sweetie will always be with you in your heart until you meet again at the Bridge.
Until then...play together babies.
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I can tell from your post this cat was your soulmate cat. I understand how that feels, having lost my tuxedo boy, Max, last July. God bless you and a big old hug is coming your way. May your precious memories be always near to your heart.
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Wow, what a special kitty. Rest in Peace little one.
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What a beautiful tribute.

Rest in peace Diddo Kahli. Look down in love on those who miss you so much.
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What a lovely tribute

Keep playing happily over at the bridge Diddo Kahli until you see the people who loved you so much

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That is a lovely tribute to a very special cat. The passing years have not dimmed the bright star that Diddo Khali was in your lives.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Cyberhugs to all the KittenKiya clan, even Tammy-Timmy who has made me insane over the past weeks!
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What a lovely tribute.

Diddo Kahli, three years later your family continues to mourn your loss. Please continue to watch over them until you can meet again
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Janet,... is sad to remember that Diddo is not here!...
BUT is marvellous to know that still alive in your HEART!
Thank you for share your feelings with us!
DonĀ“t give up!...
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