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Burned feet

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Janet had a run to the ER clinic last night...... Janet had a rough evening..... apparently it appears she jumped up onto the woodstove when it was cranked overnight on Sunday night and has 2nd and 3rd degrees burns all over the pads of 3 feet. She was crying last night when I got home but she is pretty vocal anyway.... I was shocked when she attacked me when I touched her feet so thats when I realized something was wrong. I looked at her feet and three were all burnt red and raw, the skin had come off of her two front pads and her toes were red and raw..... We think in hindsight that she was crying because she wanted to come and see us in the living room but her feet hurt to much to walk.

Off to the ER clinic where they had to scrub her burned feet after soaking them in antiseptic and now bandages that will need to be changed every 3 days..... they said she has several weeks of healing as some of the wounds were very deep.... no wonder my poor girl was crying.

I think she won't go near the woodstove again, at least I hope she doesn't .... the ER clinic said this is a very common injury in cats in this area...... my other cats have never done this..... but Janet as beautiful as she is.... well.... she is a little dim......

.... they said it is going to be several weeks before they are healed as some of the sores were quite deep.

so lets see
Cuinn, Connor, Meghan, (dogs) and Janet are now all on meds..... they have all been to the vet in teh last 10 days....... $$$$$$$$$$$$ uggghhhhhh they need a job. Hopefully the other four can all stay healthy for a while......

My question is if any of you have dealt with this before..... my experience is that sometimes people know more than vets about some things..... what would you suggest for pain relief..... is there anything I can do to help her heal and keep her comfortable....

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I'm so sorry this happened. Poor girl. I have a wood stove and none of my cats ever attempt to jump on it. Knowing first hand how bad burns do hurt. I'm wondering why your vet didn't give you something for the pain. I would call and ask him for something at least for the first few days. Burns do hurt horrid. I hope she heals quickly..
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Poor baby!!!

I'm very worried about this since this is our first year in our house and we just got a wood burning stove.... I can't stop thinking about what would happen if they jumped on it

Do you have a gate/screen around yours? We will be getting one just to keep our friends' kids away and hopefully the cats too... So far they don't seem to jump on the stove but they do play around it quite often.

I hope your little Janet starts feeling better soon! Poor baby!
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I don't know what the deal is with vets who don't give pain meds for obviously painful conditions. I've asked my own vet about this, and she shakes her head and says some vets still stick to the old-fashioned (and dangerous) notion that there aren't any effective pain meds for cats, which is nonsense. (Even if years ago they weren't 100% effective, isn't *some* relief better than none at all?)

One of the latest and very effective pain meds for cats that I know about is called Buprenex. One of my babies got this after having some pretty heavy duty oral surgery. It came in small syringes (only a very small amount is needed 3-4 times per day) that were given orally. Ask your vet about it. I know there are others. Torbutrol is one I used several years back, but there are better ones now.

As gardenandcats has said, burns hurt horribly. Cats are masters at acting like they're fine, even when in terrible pain. Insist on pain meds for Janet.

She's a beauty, btw. Hope she heals quickly
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