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Sure isn't a bird in the feeder!

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My cats love looking out the window at the bird feeder. Just awhile ago they where really making their chatter noise while looking out the window all 5 of them.So I peeked and look at this new type of bird!

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Biggest bird I ever saw! Furriest too!
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Oh my gosh that is the cuttiest thing, I alway's wanted one I have no idea why either Great Picture
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aww that is too cute
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Luckily I had just put seeds and some bread in it for the blue jays. I never thought he would stay long enough for me to sneak out and get a picture. I guess the bread was mighty good. He never even seemed to pay any attention to me. I was sneaky!
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He's a baby and had some good eatin, you were not high enough on his priority scale at that moment
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Lucky you!!! We get Civet cats coming to steal our fruit, but they only come out at nite!
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What a beautiful coat!
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Awww what a cutie!!
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Oh........Rockye Racoon, what are you doing there?....
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I thought it was a possum i love them!!
He is adorable!!
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Aw, he's just a young 'un. But look at that TAIL! What a cute
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That's a great pic! He's beautiful!
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They may be cute, but they're a pain in the patootie. We have to tie our garbage lid on with ropes or they make a huge mess on our deck. We have one that lives under the culvert of our driveway. John put the garbage out Thursday morning at 6 a.m. and by the time I left at 7:30 a.m. the raccoon had ripped open the garbage bag and had garbage strewn all along the lawn in a line toward the opening to the culvert.
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Cute picture .... and ya they can be problematic ...
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Oh that's a great shot!
I love racoons (don't have to worry about them here).
I bet the cats were going bananas!
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That is sooooooo cute, I love racoons!! Especially babies!!
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lol its one of the new birdcoons?
great pic
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