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Kera Fun day at school

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Well i took Kera to school the other day. It went alot better than i thought it would. Kera did fine and the kids loved her. She is use to being picked up and held all the time i have 2 little boys that carry her around all the time. but anyway here are a few pics thanks so much for all the advice youall gave me before we took the leap into going to the school it helped me more than u know thanks

kids holding kera

Another kid pettign and holding kera

And here is my son holding kera too

and another of my son and kera at school
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. My kits would never go for that! Well, maybe Tiggy...........
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Kera is INCREDIBLY beautiful - the first pic looks like a stuffed toy- her markings are soo gorgeous!!! And what a lovely personality - she is an outstanding ambassador for cats. What a wonderful way to introduce children at a young age to the true wonders about cats
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OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a precious Kitt is KERA!!!...and wonderful that she love the kids too!!....
Great for her!!!..
I wish to Milky was the star on the School boys too!!!
thank you for share!!!
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Aww where was the cuteness warning here. I wish Tavia would let me take her to visit anyone but I am glad your kitten went to the school and it looks like everyone enjoyed it.
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She looks right at home there What a sweety!!
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what a good girl Kera is! Tiger would go for that.. he loves everyone he meets..Miagi not so much. Miagi isn't that socialable as Tiger.
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What a sweet baby! She seems like she does really well in public! I bet she'd make a great therapy kitty
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