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I use Feline Pine, which means that there is sawdust in the litter box from the urine breaking down the pellets. I love the litter, but I feel like I waste it b/c when I clean out the box every 1-2 weeks, I end up throwing away good pellets with the dust. Once there is more dust than pellets, I have to clean it or Carl ends up not wanting to use it.

On the Feline Pine website, they have a filtered litter box.

We use a Booda Dome (again, I love it). But, I want to make a filter like the one above for my Booda Dome. My plan is to get a second Booda Dome bottom that will sit under the litter box. I can cut out the bottom of the top pan, but I am not sure what to use as the filter part.

1. I can buy a tight woven wire and staple in on the bottom, but I would have to be very careful not to leave any sharp edges, and the urine would probably rust the wire, I am thinking.

2. I can get a few of those plastic collenders and use the plastic filter to fit the bottom, but it would be difficult to find a big enough collender.

3. I can punch holes in the Booda Dome itself. This seems like the best option, but with a thick plastic, I am not sure what to use to punch holes that would give me small enough holes to not let the pellets fall through.

Has anyone made anything like this before? If it is too difficult, I can deal without the filter part, but I don't like wasting things, and I would love to be able to just sift out the dust every few days so the litter box was always clean.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!