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Does anyone here use the chat program mIRC? It's a free download from www.mirc.com and allows you to set up a private or public chatroom. It would be nice to chat to people from here
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I think most of us here us AOL instant messaging, and they also provide a chat room if you want one.
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I like MSN Messanger.
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I used to have Mirc, on my old computer, but never did download it on my new one, since I hardly ever used it...I found that alot of the chat rooms there were pretty "clicky". If you didn't already know alot of the people there, and go there alot, they pretty much ignored you. I might have to download it again sometime, just to give it another shot. I don't usually go into chat rooms, though.
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Hubby is addicted to IRC. Has been for years. That's actually why we have to have 2 computers. I found that when I brought work home to do on the computer it was a fight to the finish to get him off. I've gotten over my IRC hatred now, but it cause a lot of problems in our relationship at the time.

Anyway, to answer your question, I don't have it on my computer, and since I am on here at work most of the time we are strictly forbidden to have any chat software installed.
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I always found that alot of the IRC OP's (which are like moderators) always acted like they thought they were "god" or something. But maybe I was just not in the right chat rooms...but the ones I visited were like that. I am sure there are some nice ones on there as well.
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It would be easy to set up a 'Cat Site.com' mIRC channel and we all know each other from the forums. We can even share cat pics over the DCC thing
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But if we're all over there....who would be over here?

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