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Long story short, my neighbor (who's very allergic to cats) brought over a 1 1/2 week old kitten and asked if I could foster it. She had tried calling various shelters, etc- but none of them would take him since he was not six weeks old.

I have never fostered or cared for an orphan kitten, but through this site and others, I have found A LOT of great info and I am utilizing it.

The problem is this:

I have three cats, a puppy (an almost one year old Yorkie) and a chinchilla. I have what may as well be a husband ( ), and a nine year old daughter. I work a full and a part time job. My SO wants nothing to do w/this kitten because he doesn't want to get attached, and there is no way we can afford another pet.

We all know hindsight is 20/20, but my heart spoke louder then my brain, and now I am soooooooo overwhelmed.

Are there any rescues that WILL take orphaned kittens? I found a few websites but there all geared towards getting you to adopt and or foster a kitten. I understand the great need for that but I'm just sooooo frustrated.