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Nutro feeders: Max cat or Natural Complete?

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I've looked on their website, and I can't figure out which is better, the Max Cat or the Natural Complete? The Max cat looks like a new improved version, but the complete says "natural" which usually indicates better to me? Does anyone know what the big difference in these 2 foods are? And then which one would be better to feed my kitties? I'll be using dry kitten kibble, and canned kitten for Louie (3 1/2mos), and canned adult for LuckyGirl (1yr). Also, what about the new indoor kitten formula (only available in dry)? Should I go with that as both of them are indoors? (and then feed the max kitten canned?) Or should I wait till Louie is 1 yr, then take them off the kitten and put them both on indoor kibble? This food stuff is SO confusing.... I swear I did read the website, but it doesn't do a side by side comparison, and I guess it's not going to say that one of their products is better than the other....? What do you guys think? I appreciate the help so far, even the cheaper kitten canned food has already helped with our little Lou the stinky poo!

Here is the link if anyone wants to check it out:
Max: http://www.nutroproducts.com/maxcat.asp
Natural: http://www.nutroproducts.com/completecare.asp

Thanks for all your wonderful help guys! As usual I'm lost in the sauce!
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I feed three of mine Nutro Natural. Ox is fussy and eats a different brand.
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I feed Natural.
I had to find one that all of them would eat, that agreed with their tummies.
Max wasn't well accepted.
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Nutro Natural Weight Management..

Juicy's festivally plump...haha!!!
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Max is designed for happy healthy cats without any issues( other than some hairballs).... The ingrediants are premium and very tasty (it has been all"natural" for about 10 yrs ish) but not for sensitive tummys ....

Natural choice is for kittys with hairballs and sensitive tummys or dental issues ....

I have used both on both cats and dogs .... here it is 75% did better on Natural choice
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I use the Natural Choice and a relative uses Max Cat. My personal take on it is that both are very good, with Max Cat being focused on providing a wider range of flavors and being more tasty to the cats. Some of the Max Cat flavors have bits in gravy, which is good if your cat will only eat that kind; Natural Choice is all ground regular style. So if your cats don't like the Natural Choice, or you want to give them a variety of flavors, go with the Max Cat.
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I've used MAX Cat & Nautral Choice. What I've noted is...

Twitch much prefers the flavor of MAX, but can't eat it unless I break the bites up(toothless cat, remember).
Lily prefers the flavors of MAX, but gets bored quickly. On natural Choice she is willing to eat it all the time.
Dorian will eat whichever, whenever, as much as there is. He really doesn't care.
Damita loves the MAX Cat over any other food.
Ophelia HATED(I mean, hissed & swatted at) the MAX Cat.

I would suggest saking the pet store for samples. Or else, buy a bag of each & see which they like. The one they don't like doante to the local shelter. Overall, the flavors of the MAX Cat really go over well here. If the MAX Cat wasn't too big for Twitch, I would feed more of that.

Oh yeah, our favorite canned food 5 out of 5 cats is MAX Cat 3 oz cans.

As far as indoor formulas, I wouldn't bother to look for one. Either regular kitten formula would work fine. Just watch that LuckyGirl doesn't get too pudgy!
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I feed Natural Choice, Carl won't eat Max Cat. He is a picky little guy, so I am just glad he decided to eat any of the better dry foods!
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So many of these brands use Natural in their titles it's hard to tell some of them apart.
I've started feeding Gizmo a little of the Natural Balance Salmon Formula by Dick van Patten. She eats very little of it so a spoonfull is enough. Poor girl's a tuna addict--and I want to wean her off it, but I''m told salmon is much healthier for her than tuna or shrimp, both of which she loves.
She is crazy about fish in gooey broth...any brands out there than answer the description? It's like the more disgusting I find it, the better she likes it.
Frankly I think she's doing fine on the dry food but I give her a treat occasionally just to vary the diet.
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