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Could it be ringworm???

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On Friday I noticed Maui's third eyelids were showing pretty bad and then he started sneezing on Sunday. So I took him to the vet yesterday (Monday) and she gave him a check over and decided that he has an upper respitory infection (again....), and gave me Clavamox to give him twice a day.

Now this morning when I got out of the shower I noticed something on my thigh. It's pretty itchy and it's a red patch, kinda bumpy- I think this might be ringworm!! I'm not totally sure- I know I had it before when I was pretty young but I don't remember.

So if I have ringworm- if that's really what it is- then I am assuming it's pretty safe to say that the cats have ringworm, or at least Maui does... But how can I know for sure? Neither Chad or I have noticed any bald patches- is there another way to tell?

I guess I'll call the vet today once they open and ask them what they think but I was just curious if anyone had any advice?? This darn thing itches!

Edit: I should mention that on Saturday I put an application of Revolution on all three cats. That's supposed to be for fleas and worms right? Is it that affective toward ringworm? I'm guessing I'm probably going to have to go back to the vet & get more meds...
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Hi Sarah ..

When I first adopted my Joey, he ended up having ringworm. I also remember noticing his third eyelid. That's when I first called the vet. There was another spot around his ear, so the vet took tests for ringworm. That's what it was
Ringworm is not a worm, it's a fungus. Revolution is not going to protect against it. I would get it checked out (both your spot and Maui's), just to make sure. If that's what it is, you will want to start taking care of it now before it spreads.
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I just read that online too- that it's a fungus and not a worm... I think if I had to choose I'd rather have a fungus than a worm so that's good!

How do I prevent it from spreading?

I'm about to call my vet right now....

Edit: Ok- I just called... they said I should go get myself checked out first (lol!) because Shirley (the receptionist & nurse) said she didn't see any patches of fur missing on him yesterday and if I have it they definetely would... So I guess I'll have to make myself an appointment! I hope it's not ringworm! I suppose if it is I'll stop on my way home and pick up some meds for everyone...

Is patches of missing fur the only way to tell if they have it?
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Make sure when you go to your doctor that you have them take a sample. I had a doctor tell me I had ringworm when in fact I didn't. I had exema due to stress and the having dry skin from the cold weather. It can also run in the family. I just wanted to let you know because the treatments don't work for both so it cost me a lot of time and money.
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Patches of fur missing & scabby spots are the symptoms. Trust me, those darn spots can turn up anywhere! Now, where on your thigh is the spot? Have any of your kitties been in contact with that spot? Keep it covered for now & wash your hands after touching it.

If you have ringworm, it is possible they will get it, but then again, they may not. How ringworm got treated her was Conofite cream(on spots) & Fulvicin(grisofulvin-sp?) liquid meds. You may choose not to treat for ringworm unless one of the kitties shows symptoms. Talk with your vet about your choices. The Fulvicin made Twitch sick when I was treating her as a precaution, so I will not go that route again.

If you do turn out to have ringworm, you can PM me with questions. I've been there & done that with the cats...twice. I'm now treating a dog for ringworm...
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Thanks for the sample advice.... I definetely don't want to pay for scripts I don't need!

I haven't checked it yet since this morning mainly because I always forget when I'm in the bathroom, plus it hasn't been itching. But it could be like how a mosquito bite doesn't itch until you irritate it... It's on my right inner thigh- more towards the back... I have to really pivot my leg to get to see it. I asked Chad to look at it this morning but he told me it was a flea bite he thinks everything is a flea bite! Not to mention it doesn't even look like one

I didn't have time to thoroughly investigate Maui before I left this morning but I will tonight when I got home! I don't think he has any- I was giving him some major petting at the vets and then last night he was really lovey so I got a really good look at him, although I wasn't looking for anything in particular- at least nothing caught my eye!

I'll keep ya updated on my potential fungus!
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Hey Sarah ..

I may be wrong on this, but I am not sure if ringworm is always supposed to itch I know that when my kitties had it, I went nuts looking for information on the internet (speaking of, I will send you a ton of sites). I don't remember if itchiness was a symptom. Still, make sure you get it checked as soon as you can. If one of your kitties have it and the other one doesn't, you can separate them before both of them have it. Also, you'll be able to start cleaning everything now. Big hassle

Aww, White Cat Lover..what a pain to have to deal with it again
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Ringworm is one of the less itchy skin problems you can have.

Typically, in humans, it starts out as a small red spot, then spreads into a bulls-eye pattern (thus the "ring" in the name), though sometimes the ring isn't well-defined enough to tell. Any antifungal cream should do fine on it; it's the same thing that causes athlete's foot, so even grocery stores will carry the creams over the counter. It should begin to fade within a week (but make sure you apply cream for the full course of treatment); if it isn't gone after a while, it may be stubburn and need a doctor's visit for stronger stuff, or else, if it doesn't fade at all, may not be ringworm.

Suppose I don't need to say this, but who knows who may read my advice--Human antifungal creams are NOT for kitties!
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