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Hello, how is everyone doing?

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Hello everyone...I've been really busy lately with wedding stuff and haven't been around to post much, so I thought I'd start a "how's everyone doing" thread. Please feel free to post updates on your life.

Our wedding is now about a week and a half away...October 28 is the big day. We're currently living in NC and the wedding is in OH, so I've been doing a bit of traveling. I spent last week in OH (had my dress fitting - I look GREAT! - and I never like how I look so that's a great thing for me to be saying, lol) and I'm here this week...and then next week I go back to OH until the big day. Due to Erik being in the field (he's in the Army), we will be apart until the wedding...I'm hoping it'll make that day so much better, because being apart is really going to suck.

I'm stressed as heck with wedding stuff and just hoping to get everything done before the big day. I'm not getting much help from my family so I'm doing A LOT on my own. Erik has been helping with what he can...this weekend we're putting together our favors, our last huge project (minus the programs, which I'm designing and printing on my own...yikes). I mailed out all checks yesterday for balances we had with the different vendors, and now we're all set, minus paying for the tux rentals this weekend when we go to try them on. I'm also waiting on a few strapless bras I ordered...I found the PERFECT one, but of course it's not in my size (one thing I learned from this whole experience...I now wear a 38C instead of a 36C...who knew, lol!). I ordered the new version of it from Victoria's Secret (they no longer make the other one, so it was limited in sizes left) so I'm hoping it'll be a perfect match.

Other than that, nothing big is going on here. We're going to see "Cats" tomorrow evening, I'm very excited for that...I have wanted to see it since I was a kid. We're getting all dressed up and going out to dinner beforehand, it'll be fun...it's been a long time since we did that. We went shopping this past weekend for clothes and I put a large dent in my New York and Company credit card...but I'm excited to flaunt my new body (I've lost about 10 pounds and it's very noticable - the first thing my sister said to me when she saw me last week was, "Wow! You lost weight!" - so I'm very excited and proud).

I think that's about it on my incredibly interesting life, lol. I hope all of you are doing well...and I can't wait to hear updates on your lives.
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It sounds like you have been VERY busy! I hope everything goes absolutely perfect for your big day!
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...Hi Crystal!:.......
welcome back!...

I love your stamp siggy!...is amazing!
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