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Allergies........Anyone ???

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One of our male cats has a bout with allergies only in the fall months. He goes from not digging at all to scratching his neck to pieces in a matter of a day. It isn't food related.......nor does he have fleas. I took him to the vet this evening and the diagnosis was no fleas.......a perfectly healthy cat....except for the dermititis. It has to be something environmental that we apparently carry in from the outside on us. This is the second year in a row that in the fall he needs a slow-release cortisone shot. Does anyone else have problems with allergies this time of the year with any of their cats??? Or.......is it just us???

Winter Hawk
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Miss Arizona has allergies year-round. Hers also appear to be environmental--probably inhaled. She's currently on prednisolone, but we tried a few other things first and this isn't yet the last resort.
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Yes, there are environmental allergies as well as food-borne ones.

The only thing you can do is get a better vacuum cleaner, one with a HEPA filter that takes away even small particles, and vacuum every other day. I'd also recommend an air filter. Gizmo got much better as soon as I got one (and got rid of some plants).

good luck
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i use multiple barriers .. hepa on the vac , ioner purifier for the air

talk with the vet about lysine , gse for immune support...
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