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My cat is sneezing

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Nothing comes out, but he is sneezing quite a bit. He is eating normally and is playing pretty normally. Do I just wait to see how he does or do I need to see the vet???
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As a rule, cats don't generally sneeze unless something's wrong or has allergies. Chances are, it's an upper respiratory infection which the vet will give you some milky antibiotic fluid which you'll have to give the cat for several days.

Of course, I'm no vet so I can't say for sure. Only your vet can make the final determination as to what's up.
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Cats sneeze for lots of different reasons - it could be allergies, especially since you don't see a runny nose.

If you do see a yellow or green discharge from his nose, it means he's got a bacterial infection and he'll need antibiotics. If it's a clear discharge, it's viral and antibiotics won't help. It will need to just run its course.

Try to notice when he sneezes the most - for example, is he lying on the carpet when it happens? Is it after you use an air freshener, or perfume?

If it continues and is fairly frequent, it would be a good idea to take him in for a check-up.
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We've had Maui for 2.5 months and he's had 3 sneezing bouts so far. I've taken him in every time for it and every time he's had an upper respitory infection.

The 1st time he was sneezing & he'd make a weird hacking kind of noise, the 2nd time he just sneezed a lot, and then this last time his third eyelids started showing then a day later he started sneezing!

My vet is having me give him the Lycosine to help boost his immune system now.

How long has he been sneezing??

I think you should have him checked out- better safe than sorry! Your guy may not be feeling very well & he doesn't have many ways to tell you, so we have to be extra watchful.
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