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Found kitten!!

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I guess this belongs here, since she's a stray technically. I found a kitten outside my house tonight. She was meowing from the bushes as I unloaded my car (Ironically, unloading cat stuff!! lol)

She's adorable, very sweet and affectionate, and purrs like a freaking truck! I'm putting up "Found Kitten" signs, since I figure she's just escaped from somewhere. My cats are both sitting at the door of the room she's in, meowing because they want to meet her. I seriously wish I had a way to keep a third, but I can barely handle the two I've got sometimes! I'd be really stupid to keep a third one.

Okay now for the PICTURES!!

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awww Julia, that little one is so adorable. I hope that the kitty has just wandered from home and that the family sees your signs you posted.
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Awww....here's hoping she has a home.

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What an adorable kitty. I hope you find her owners but don't hold your breath. In the past year and a half I've had three young cats show up at my door. They were way too friendly to be strays. I posted signs all over my neighborhood and got no response. I really think they were dumped off. I tried the no kill shelters but all were full. I took them to the vet and had them tested for FIV & FeLV, got their shots and had them spayed and kept them. I guess it was meant to be because they all fit in with no problems and I just love them to pieces!
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Julia, she is gorgeous...............I sure hope you find her home.....
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The Other Half had only seen Francis on the street, but he was so friendly we decided to adopt him. Before we could capture him, however, we had a sewage problem in the basement. I had a plumber fix the problem then cleaned up afterwards. To clear the smell, I left the basement windows open. I then proceeded to cook dinner--which included frying bacon.

After I finished the bacon we both noticed that our cats were extremely interested in the basement. Then we heard the meowing. We opened the door and there was Francis, with his brother Jesse. They've been with us since, our two "cat burglars"....
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Originally Posted by ipw533 View Post
our two "cat burglars"....

BTW, sending {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that the sweet stray find her way back home. She looks well cared for, and if she did somehow get out, she may have panicked and wandered very, very far from home.
years ago, my best friend had a calico cat that knew me through most of high school. my friend married, divorced, remarried, and when she moved, the calico cat escaped, panicked when the moving truck arrived. About 3 or 4 years later, the cat showed up at my parents' door, very ragged and skinny; she had travelled over 20 miles. She recognized me at once - INCREDIBLE!! I was able to locate my friend's former husband, who had remarried, and had 2 young step-daughters, and Joshie, the calico cat, got to go home So it does indeed happen that a cat can reappear after being lost a very long time (my friend had moved to Montana, and fell upon hard times and was unable to send for Joshie herself)
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