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Sphynx owners help!

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My family recently relocated. I took Kloe our almost 1 year old Sphynx (She will be 1 on the 19th) to the vet for just a "check up" to get to know the vet before I needed one. We have had Kloe now since January and here is where I need the help...

The vet told me stop feeding my Sphynx Nutro Natural Choice Indoor and Kitten (I'm in the process of switching from Kitten) and switch to Science Diet Kitten because it was a better source of protein. I thought it was the opther way

She also told me to stop bathing her with Johnson Baby SHampoo (which the breeder I got her from used and has worked just fine till now) and to use a special Medicated Shampoo. Even though nothing was wrong with her skin. I also needed to use a leave on conditioner for her skin. I also needed eye ointment to keep her eyes from getting irrated when she got bathed. And an ear cream to help keep the water out of her ears when she got bathed since she has no hair in the ears.

Once again let me make it clear that nothing was wrong with her skin, eyes, ears this was just a visit to get to know the vet. I don't claim to be an expert on cats but I can't help but feel she was fine up till this point without all these creams and ointments. Should I just ignore what the vet said or should I switch her food, shampoo and start using the ointment and cream?
Sorry for the length I'm just completely confused and want to make sure I get all the information to you to so you can help me. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
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im in NO WAY an expert or anything but i would say this vet was looking to make a quick dollar.. maybe ask your question over on the breeders board i know we have some sphynx owners there
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I was wondering the same thing but I gave her the benefit of the doubt her being the vet and all. Thank you!
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She's out to make a buck.
Nutro is superior to SD completely, unless we're talking prescription foods.
I would also assume that your breeder didn't just start with the Sphynx breed yesterday, and therefore knows what she's talking about.

This is a case of If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Me personally, I'd be out the door and looking for a new vet.
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I'm stuck when it comes to vets. I called all vets within a 45 minute drive and this was the only one who had ever seen a Sphynx before. (we moved to a very rural area) However she's got me wondering if I shouldn't try my luck with one of the other vets who have never seen a Sphynx. Thanks
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if you try a vet that hasnt seen sphynxs before you can train him or her a bit !

thats what i had to do with my chinese crested hairless. I ended up having to train the freaking vet school about Chinese Cresteds and their paticular care and peculiarities.

Find one that has lots of experience with cats in general and start from there.

Good lucK! having hairless babies is sometimes hard on us.

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As you said don't fix what's not broken. I say try a new vet. See if they are willing to do a little research on the breed and begin to learn.
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Hi I have 5 Sphynx babies. I have heard you can use johnsons baby wash form alot of breeders. But the breeder I got mine from told me to use Dove Nutrium body wash because the nutrient beads in it keeps moisture on there skin and it has worked out great. As far as putting meds in there ears and eyes I have never heard of this. You should find a new vet. If your kitty has no skin problems I would not change a thing unless you just wanted to.
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Well, my opinion is that, first, Nutro is better than Science Diet because of the lack of by-products and secondly, I echo what the others have said, go to another vet, this one sounds like they're trying to make some extra money off of you like we don't spend enough there, right?
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can't you go to another vet? and see what he tells you
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btw can i see a photo of your cat? I adore sphynx cats, they are fantastic
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I am going to take my chances with one of the other vets I called even though they have never seen a Sphynx before. It's upsetting a vet would try to make a dollar off of a new client. Thank you all for your help. Here is a picture of Kloe.
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Oh my!!! Is she as soft as she looks? Her paws just look so fuzzy!
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Awwww! I bet she's all warm when you cuddle her - she's so sweet, I want to give her hugs!!!

I've been through three vets in just over a year. YES, there are vets out there that care more about making a buck than they do the health and well-being of your animal.

I'm taking my furkids to a holistic clinic now where they practice traditional as well as alternative medicine, and their prices are half that of the last place I went to. This new vet's office has NOT tried to tell me what foods my cats should eat nor what litter I should be using, nor have they tried to talk me into any unecessary tests or procedures.

The last vet I took Ginger to tried to tell me that she had horrible gingivitus and needed a full dental, which they quoted at $340. She was less than a year old at the time - I said no thank you!

This new vet recently said that her gums look wonderfully healthy - so you tell me, are there vets out there that are interested in taking your wallet for a ride? YES!

I agree with the other posters - get a new vet ASAP!
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Your Kloe is quite beautiful!

I hope you can find a good caring vet to help you with her welfare.
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Awww what a gorgeous girl! Good luck with the new vet!
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Originally Posted by 3angels View Post
I am going to take my chances with one of the other vets I called even though they have never seen a Sphynx before. It's upsetting a vet would try to make a dollar off of a new client. Thank you all for your help. Here is a picture of Kloe.
OHHHHhhhhhh ! you're so lucky to have her! I would so much love one for myself Really she seems so soft !!
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Thank you all very much for the compliments on Kloe. She is extremely soft-feels like warm silk. She is such a cuttlebug too-usually she sleeps cuddled up against my daughter.
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I can only imagine what that vet would charge you for if there was actually a problem with your kitty. Yes, get a new vet!
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Your cat looks identical to my Louis! I cannot believe the information the vet told you. Its important as pet owners to take charge of our pets care. Obviously what you are doing is right, I would NEVER go back to that vet. Be glad you found out ahead of time and not in a medical crisis.

Louis and Harlow:
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Heehee, Cloe looks just like my black and white male cat, just without the hairLOL! What a cute kitty!
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