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Thursday's DT

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I am starting off the thread early this morning because I won't be on the site too much today. I will have a trainee sitting with me today while I take calls. I don't know when she is going to listen in so as soon as she does, no surfing the internet!

I slept so poorly last night. I was tossing and turning so much the hubby and all of the cats abandoned me for the spare room. I thought at least the momma's boy, Merlin, would stay with me. He lasted until about 3 am and then he left too. I am so tired!

I am hoping to get to a Rennaisance Festival this weekend. Festival I have gone before and it is amazing! It will be a nice break from all of the overtime my hubby has been doing.
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This is my last day of work for 10 days. Tomorrow (Friday) is the office "picnic" at an amusement park, then Sat. we leave on our family vacation for a much-needed break.

I've had to work (4) 10 hour days so I could have all of tomorrow off to prepare for everything. The office is open until noon, but since I live an hour away, I wasn't about to drive an hour, work four hours, drive an hour home, then drive 1.5 hours back to the amusement park. Oh! I can't wait!!

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I've been sat in the office all on my own most of the day. Not sure whether that's boring (which it is) or great (with other people here it's loud - and boring), coz at least it's quiet.

I've been doing all my Cats Protection bits. We've got an Open Day and I designed the leaflet and the poster.

Just been printing the poster off, writing letters to vets etc to get them to display the poster.

Far more worthy than cold calling companies to see if they want design work doing (WHY am I wasting all my marketing skills on this!!!)

Sorry - bad day today.

Can't wait until the weekend.

Tomorrow I take Firenza into the vets to get a tooth taken out. Poor baby - she'll be off food from tonight, as it'll be under general anaesthetic. It's been bothering her for some time, and as it's now causing a problem when she eats, then it's time to do something about it.

Hope y'all have a good day.
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Bill....have a great vacation. Only 5 more weeks until mine

Ady, try to rest up tonight. Have you heard that eating a banana before bed is like taking a mild sedative? I nearly fell off my chair when my doctor gave me this advice when I was having troubles sleeping. Hubby couldn't quite understand what I was doing up at 2am one morning munching on a banana....

Not much going on here. Was up until 11pm working on my Avon orders and now, I am tired.....

It is actually very nice out today. I prefer much hotter waether but this is acceptable.

Yola...I hope your day brightens up. Good luck tomorrow with Firenza. I'm sure it will go well.

BTW: Is there anyone here who sells Avon in the states?? I am dying to see an Avon book. I've heard the US Avon has much more variety than the Canadian one but I have never seen one yet. I know there is the web site but I love the "book" feeling more.

Have a great day everyone!

P.S. Hissy....if you read this. Did you take a look at the stars last night???? They were amazing!
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Off again, today. Yesyerday was goof off and decompression day. Today, laundry and litter boxes. I have a screwy schedule, this week - I work tomorrow and have the weekend off.

Bill and I are going shooting on Saturday. He bought me a nice little piece and I need some practice.

Rowdy has had a terminal case of the "cutes", this morning. She has been trotting around the house, squeaking and playing. Ike is out on the patio and he and Rowdy were pawing at each other, at the window.

Dinner out and karaoke, tonight. The place we go to has some STRANGE people. One guy does all Sinatra tunes and even DRESSES like him!
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Ady have fun at the Ren Fest. We have one here every summer, but I haven't been able to go in a few years. It was always so much fun, I really miss going.

Bill enjoy your much earned time off.

Yola its great that you are doing all that work for your Cat Protection. Please let us know how Firenza's procedure goes.

I finally broke down and created another big project for myself. Having a couple days to catch up is one thing, but 2 weeks of it gets really old.

We got a lot done packing last night. Earl must have gotten the Board Vibes because he actually helped me go through boxes (the ones we haven't unpacked since our last move ) and pack up into smaller boxes. Of course, Trent "helped" too, mainly by exploring the boxes we were trying to unpack and repack. Silly kidden. He finally decided after getting moved a few times, and almost being hit by flying (small) boxes that he would just supervise from on top of the headboard. Even with the fairly small amount we have done, we have found all kinds of kitty toys. We won't have to buy toys for at least 6 months!
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Today has been fairly quiet so far (not a lot of phone calls), so I can't complain. My speech teacher is on vacation again this week, so I don't have class tonight. YEAH!! And I don't feel like doing my homework right now, so I think I'm gonna play some games.

Whiskers Mom-I sometimes order avon stuff from a lady who works in my office. I'll see if she has an extra book that I can send you. Do you want me to get you the current book? PM me with your address, so I can send one to you.

Have a good day everybody!
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Thank you so much Sarah!!!!!

I have PM'd you all the info.
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Gys....I love Avon! I order it through a lady at work also, I was going to offer to try to get you a book when I go back to work, but since Sarah already offered, that would be better, since I won't be back to work for several more weeks.
They had the cutest baby outfit in there recently...I almost bought it, but didn't at the last minute...it was pink, sort of a bunting type thing, with bunny ears on the hood! Did you see it? I always order my eyeliner from avon, the glimmersticks are awesome, and I don't like any other eyeliner on the market. I also love their Rare Rubies cologne, I wear it alot!!

Bill, where are you going on your vacation? I hope you have a great time!!!!!

Ady....sorry you are having trouble sleeping...I actually slept good last night for the first time in awhile. I have never heard of the banana thing, but hey, it's worth a shot!

Yola, hope everything goes well with your cats tooth,
and Heidi with your packing! That's the worst part of moving!

Cindy, I love karaoke, have fun tonight!!

Not much going on here...as usual. I have been looking at baby clothes on e-bay, because I have alot of 0-3 months stuff, but not alot of 3-6 or 6-9, and sometimes you can get really good deals there on used clothing. I don't bid on it if it is just one item, it's not worth it by the time you pay the shipping, but if it is several items, the shipping is worth it.
I got the christening gown yesterday in the mail, and it is every bit as adorable as the picture!!!

If any of you watch "Meet My Folks" why was it not on last night? It said it would be in the TV guide...I was disappointed.

Our tomatoes are starting to be ready now!!!! I went out and picked all that were ready, and ended up with about 20 of them, and the rest are starting to turn red now....I have 18 or more plants, so I will have TONS of them!! I wanted to can them, that's why I planted so many, but I thought the baby would have come by the time they were ready, and I could maybe leave her with my mother-in-law for one day while I canned, but at this rate...they are all going to be ready about the time I am in the hospital, and I will need a few days to rest up after that, so I may not get them canned!!!

Beautiful day here...not too hot, mid 80's.
Hope everyone has a good day today!
Sorry for being so long winded!!
Just think, after the baby is born, you won't hear so much from me anymore, so that will make up for all this time I am spending on here now!
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Ady, I'm sorry you had a bad nights sleep. hopefully tonight will be better.
Well, I managed to finagle the week my mom decided to come down off. So did S/O. My Mgr was NOT a happy camper and I bet neither was S/O's.
It really stresses me out when she does this. I think she expects everyone to go on her schedule and if they can't well then it's the end of the world.
I told my Mgr that if she couldn't give me all that time off with this short of notice that she didn't have to and all she said was" I don't have a choice now do I?" I tell you stress upon stress this last couple of days. Stress from work, stress from family. I'm glad I don't have to go thru this too often or I'd be certifiably insane! LOL!
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Debby...I hope you are not being serious. I, for one, would miss you terribly if I didn't see your postings. I'm sure alot of others would feel the same way. You'll actually have more time as you will be sleeping less!!!! Just kidding....

I don't remember seeing any pink outfit with ears. From what I've heard, apart from the makeup & the Anew products, the Canadian books differ quite alot from the States. And...I've heard countless people say how envious they are of the States Avon products versus the Canadian ones. I really want to see what it is I am missing. I could kick myself now....I was going to put together a little Avon Kit for you from Secret Santa's helper but I thought you'd find it silly....had I know you liked Avon! Next time! I have also never heard of the Rare Rubies cologne. I will check this out. I could go on and on about Avon. I'm addicted. Thank you for offering to send me a book also.
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I think I said the little pink outfit had bunny ears, but then coincidently I went to e-bay to poke around again, and someone had an auction for that very Avon outfit!! And it was bear ears...not bunny ears, with a bear face on the front of the outfit. I wanted to bid on it, but it was closed already. That Rare Rubies smells soooo good!! I am surprised you don't have it there! I will still be around after the baby is born, but not as much. After I go back to work the end of September, I will only be online a couple days a week if I am lucky...since I am so tired after work, and then I will also have a baby to take care of...but I will check in as much as I can!
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