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A good use for cell phones!

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I found this on my company's website and wanted to share. This is an excellent idea!!

Since May 2006, a movement has picked up momentum turning the ubiquitous cell phone into a source of information for paramedics and other emergency personnel responding to accidents, crimes and disasters.

A British paramedic came up with the idea of asking cell phone users to input an entry into their cellular phonebook called ICE for "in case of emergency." Accompanying that acronym would be the name and phone numbers of the person who should be called if something has happened to the owner of the phone.

Hints for getting the most out of ICE

· Make sure the person whose name and number you are giving has agreed to be your ICE designee

· Make sure your ICE designee has a list of people they should contact on your behalf - including your place of work

· Make sure your ICE person's number is one that's easy to contact. For example, a home number could be useless in an emergency if the person works full time.

· Make sure your ICE partner knows about any medical conditions that could affect your emergency treatment - for example, allergies or current medication

· Should your preferred contact be deaf, then type ICETEXT then the name of your contact before saving the number

My phone doesn't show the caller’s name any more
This will be because your ICE contact number is a duplicate entry of another contact in your phone book. If you have two numbers the same, your phone won't know which one to display so it will show just the number. To get around this, simply type a * after the number under your ICE contact. It will still work and will cure the caller-ID problem.
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Me, my friends & family all have ICE numbers in our phones, I think its a great idea!
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Wow, I have never even heard of this before... I will have to get right on that!!
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I ran across that idea about a year back when it aired on my local news. I thought it was such a good idea that I put two ice numbers in my phone (one labeled "mom" and one labeled "colin"-bartlett police officer....along with their names and all of their vital information). Since i've done that i've gotten every single family member and most of my friends to do the same for their cell phones just in case - you never know when it'll come in handy.

Also- my boyfriend Colin as I mentioned before, is a cop- I asked him about it a while back and he said that so far, he's used the ICE numbers in 3 different peoples cell phones during emergencies....so I know that at least around here in the South, they emergency and first responders DO use the ICE numbers and look for them in your phones.

When I asked Colin he said, be sure though if you have your mom or SO's number in your phone that you have them listed

ICE- "mom"- patricia (last name)..... (###) ###-####....or something of that nature, so that when they call, they know exactly who "mom" is and whom they need to speak with.
Also, if you have a family member who is a first responder that you want contacted....list their job such as (Bartlett Cop or Bartlett Firefighter.... and maybe even their station number) so that they can be contacted more quickly.
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Thanks for the heads up about that!I will do that here in a few.
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