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More vibes, pretty please?

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I suffer depression, and I don't have an income/insurance.
I was able to get prequalified for a Depression clinical research study, all that is left now is for their participating doctor to screen me.

It would mean so much to me if I could finally get some help and get my life back.

Also still waiting to hear on the job, chances are, I didn't get it.
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You know, sometimes, the more you think you didn't get a job, the more likely you are to get that job! Good luck with the depression, I know how it can be. My sister had a problem for a while and is still on medication and sees therapists. She actually had an attack while babysitting one time! Shhhhh don't tell her I told you, she doesn't like anybody to know!

Good luck, and I hope everything goes well!
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Sending vibes that you find the help that you need

And still sending "get the job" vibes
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Sending some good thoughts your way... If you don't get accepted for the depression study, you could try St. John's Wort: lots cheaper than pills and lots of people swear by it.

Cheers, from
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I suffer from depression, too and it sucks! I just try to keep positive and do things I love doing like spending time with my family, my furbabies, spending time with friends, shopping, and volunteering at the shelter, being on the computer, watching tv, etc. Just find something that you really enjoy and it will help your depression, I promise you.
I don't wish it on anyone. you'll be in my thoughts. if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me. hang in there! things WILL get better, I promise you! have you thought about counseling?
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That's wonderful that you have an opportunity to praticipate in that study and potentially recieve the help that you need. I hope everything works out! You are in my thoughts and prayers!! (((((vibes)))))
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Ohh dear lady I am sending get into the study vibes your way ... i know from experience that they can help...
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I hope you are able to get into the study! How exciting to have a chance to be a part of something that will help you and others in the future! Sometimes the studies do have very strict criteria, but good for you in applying to be a part!

Best of luck on the job, too!

I work at a community mental health clinic, where people with no insurance and low (or no) income can be seen on a sliding scale, and often we help by giving samples of the medications. If by chance the study doesn't pan out, maybe you can check into a similar clinic by you!
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I'm glad you got a chance to be part of a study and get the help you need.Depression is a terrible thing to have.I had to take 50 mg of Zoloft for 6 months for mine.
Good luck and I am sending prayers your way.
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Thanks everyone, I'll let you know what happens after the Doctor's appt.
And of course I'll update if I hear anything on the job too.
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Lots of good luck vibes coming your way for everything
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I'm sending many good vibes your way, as I know this would be very helpful to you. I really hope you get the job too, I think that would help your mental state very much, it will keep your mind active and give you something else to think about besides your problems. Working helps so much. You will be in my thoughts and prayers that everything works out and you can have a fullfilling life like everyone else.
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