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Stands downstairs and meows

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Maybe someone can translate. Monseiur Brady has decided that prison is not so bad. He gets food twice a day, treats, a warm soft place to sleep, a clean place to pee/poo, several toys and brushing twice a day.

So far he has not ventured up the stairs to the main living area, at least not while we are awake. DH did hear him romping around dowstairs in the wee hours. A good thing, because two meals a day and hiding under the bed have not been good for his trim athletic figure. Now that he runs out to see me when I enter the room, I am going to cut back on the DeliCat and Land o Lakes American singles I had been shamelessly using to gain his trust.

Brady still does not trust DH. This does not surpise me, sicne DH is constantly making little growling noises (clearing his throat etc, which from a male baritone sounds liek growling). Brady has decided that Sophia can be trusted. Zircon I am not so sure.

So yesterday evening, twice between about 7 and 8:30 PM, we hear from downstairs a loud MEOW. Well it was more like a MOUUUUH. LOUD. OK he is trying to get my attention, but why. I head that way, see that he is making his way up the stairs, but as soon as he sees me, he dashes back into the guest bedroom (prison).

What is he trying to tell me?

PS Just after I submitted this post, DH emails me this at 5PM:
"I do believe the boy wants up the steps. Twice now I hear him calling , once Sophia went to greet, once I went. He quickly scurries back down."
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He's just testing you to see if you are trained to come when you are called yet.

I'd say your training is coming along nicely!
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If I were you, I wouldn't go to investigate....
I would stay upstairs out of sight and make little greeting meows yourself!
Like the Mreep, mreep that kittens and some adults make to each other as a friendly greeting...
He may just be brave enough to venture up when there isn't a scary obstacle in the way (like another cat or a human)

Couldn't hurt to try and I must admit that's what I would be doing!
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That reminds me of the canine intelligence test I saw somewhere they ask

"How many of the following commands has your dog trained you to obey? (one point for each command).

Let me in
Let me out
Play with me
Feed me dinner
Give me some of whatever you're eating"

Anyway, since I do not speak "cat" I could not take Loveysmummy's advice and mreeep mreep like a kitten. I decided to imitate him as best I could. He did not call us yesterday evening, so I gave out a loud "MEEYOWL" twice at about 9pm. Five minutes later, Brady was upstairs at the landing. DH, dogs and I were in the living room and no one moved. Brady investigated some the upstairs. When I went to the bathroom, he even came in and was curious about the magic water bowl. Great, as it is you could sell tickets what with the critters that do not give you ANY privacy!!

I have now instituted a new policy, which is Brady will no longer get his food IN the room. I hate to be hard about it, but long term he needs to get out of there and I am getting the feeling he needs a nudge now and then.

On another note, one time he was on the bed lounging when I came in, but jumped down to hide under the bed when I came in. I wanted to show him that he does not need to hide, so I thought 'what the heck', picked him up and plcaed him back on the fleece blanket. He did not mind one bit!
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Rowan's a whiner, and he makes the loud MERRRROOOW whenever he can't be bothered to walk 10 feet to figure out where exactly I am. I used to run and see if something was wrong, but I found out that meowing back works just as well. And it's less of a hassle for me.

I'd say that he has some sort of bond with you and he's just reassouring himself that you're around. Meow back.
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Originally Posted by GirlieQ View Post

I'd say that he has some sort of bond with you and he's just reassouring himself that you're around. Meow back.
Love it!
When I adopted my Sammy in May, he would do that. He still does but not as much. It's usually on the weekends, like this morning, when after they have breakfast he walks around downstairs only to find I've gone back to bed to sleep more. So I answer him back and he comes running up.
I agree totally it's a bonding call.

You sound like you have a wonderful home and happy house!
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