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Please help - sad sick kitty....

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I recently picked my cat up from the pound after someone with a TRAP had trapped him and another neighbor cat. He was fine that day and the next but then he has been sleeping a lot, has watery eyes, has sneezed a bit, lack of appetite, his head feels hot, and he seems really sad.
He is an indoor outdoor cat and he has no interest to go out anymore. I was curious if he could have picked up something from the pound - he was in overnight - or if some sort of poisoning.
I've never had a sick cat and I've also never one trapped and in the pound so I'm putting the two together and just wondering. I plan on taking him to the vet but I am very leary of the last couple I've been to and was hoping for some advice beforehand. And he has had his shots and he was just microchipped. Thanks for any help and ideas.
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I suppose there is always the risk that some total plank may have administered poison (God forbid). Is it vomitting? Is it going to the toilet ok?

But maybe your cat was so scared by his ordeal that it's freaked him out to such a degree - he coule be in shock.

I do think you'd be best served be visiting a vet just to make sure all is ok. Are there none near you that you feel you could trust?
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Your cat may have caught a upper respiratory virus while he was at the pound. This is very common with animals in the shleters. I'd take him to the vet to make sure, and they'll probably give him some medicine. But I think this is a virus and has to run its course (at least that's they way it was with the cat I adopted from the shelte). You should get him vaccinated against this virus, especially since he goes outside.
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Yes, a try to the VET is in order. Good to have him check out and get any medical attention needed. Good luck!
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It sounds like some sort of upper respitory problem. I would imagine he came into contact with it before the pound or in the pound. Also, stress weakens the immune system and they are much more vulnerable to colds. I would get him a vet appt and get something to ease the symptoms.
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You are correct! The vet says he caught an upper respitory infection from the pound and said it was common even with shots. The strees of being captured added to his catching the virus. He's now on medication so it doesn't get worse but he has a terrible rasp sound in his nose when he breathes - sounds like Kyle's (?) sister with the braces on South Park! lol But thanks for the answers You guys are great!
But it's very contagious - both his mother and brother now have it and his mother is in very bad shape - she's on meds and has to be fed with a syringe dropper because she can't eat or drink and have eye med put in her eyes 3x a day. She is so unhappy and raspy and sneezing and coughing. I feel awful for her. The vet says her lungs are clear though so that's the one good sign. His brother is shaking it off pretty well but has a bit of sneezing and watery eyes. And all this because of the neighbor with a trap who decided to call the pound instead of the # on his collar ;( Very sad to think all those cats that were in there will most likely get this too. It's just awful watching my babies go through this!
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