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Spaying -- Absolutely Necessary?

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I'm new to this.

My kitty, Peach is an indoor cat. Does she have to be spayed, or no?
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Originally Posted by RyRyMini View Post
I'm new to this.

My kitty, Peach is an indoor cat. Does she have to be spayed, or no?

Yes....she does need to be spayed. Otherwise she could be at risk for certain cancers and pyometra.

How old is your girl?

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She is about 5 and a quarter months old.
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ABSOLUTELY!! She MUST be spayed!

A few bad things could happen if she is not:

1. She could escape and produce kittens. First of all, you would then be responsible for the care of those kittens (costly!) and you would have to find them new homes (extremely difficult!)...every year in this county 3-4 milion comapnion animals are destroyed because people don't think to spay and neuter both their own pets AND any accidental offspring.

2. She could develop pyometra which is a painful infection of the uterus or she could develop mammary or uterine cancer.

3. She will go into heat and will be both extremely vocal and prone to spraying her territory with extremely pungent urine that is near impossible to get out of soft things like clothing, carpet and upholstery.

Spaying is such a good thing, too! Not only are you saving possible unwanted kittens from being destroyed (indirectly), but your kitty will probably be much more docile and affectionate!
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Originally Posted by RyRyMini View Post
She is about 5 and a quarter months old. is a good time to arrange her spay appt. before she starts going into heat.

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Okay, I do have an appointment scheduled for Wednesday..but I'd want to avoid it for her if it was possible, but now I see that it's not. I'm just worried about her overnight stay -- will she be worried we won't come back for her? Awww..;-;
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She'll be so groggy after surgery that she probably won't notice, but she'll be very happy to see you the next morning.

No worries - I had Ginger done at 4 months old, and she got through it just fine.

I think it's harder on us meowmies than it is on them!
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I didnt know they had to stay overnight for a spay.

I definately say YES spay her! You will leave a very peaceful life, and you will not have to deal with the moods of a female in heat. I believe a queen can keep going into heat if she is not bred and you can get to the point where she doesnt come out of heat.

Spay her, and when you do you will realize the peace of mind you will have is priceless. I go home in the afternoon to my Ceci and it is such a wonderful feeling knowing she is safe, and that she will never contribute to the overpopulation of pets by giving birth
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I am glad you have an appointment - I took on a rescue cat last year who had never been spayed, and sadly, although her organs were in excellent condition for her age (14), she had mammary cancer and some kind of mass internally, and due to other non treated health issues, we couldn't treat it. So please keep the appointment, you really are doing it for her health. And she was still coming into heat, they dont go through a menapause like humans do - the oldest mum cat on record is 20. I only saw 8 weeks of Blackie going into heat and it wasn't nice, I Can't imagine how uncomfortable that could have been for her for the past 14 years.
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I'm so glad that you've decided to keep her appointment to be spayed. It really is better for her, believe me!

My old girl was probably about 10 years old when I found her, and unspayed. I had her spayed of course, (they say the only reason she wasn't pregnant is because she was too thin to carry a litter! ) But since her previous owners didn't spay her, and she was older when I found her and did it, she's now having a mammary lump removed and it's suspected she might have mammary cancer.

Better to get it done now than to regret it later!
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Yet another vote for "definitely spay the kitten".

Spaying is such a routine surgery that your vet has probably done it hundreds (if not thousands) of times. Your cat will be sore and sleepy afterwards, but she should pull through it fine. They give them checkups before they put them under, just to be sure there aren't any problems that could cause complications.

Some cats will want to be by themselves after the surgery... this isn't avoiding you, it's just that cats, unlike humans (who will seek comfort from others), hide themselves away to get some peace and quiet when they are not feeling good. Or your cat may want to snuggle, mostly because you are warm. I had one of each type of cat--my little Tiger found a small space and crept into it, hiding for the next days; Daffy sat on my lap and slept for a day before jumping down and acting as though nothing had happened.

They do stay at the vet's overnight after a spay, because a female's reproductive organs aren't as easy to get to as a male's, so it's more invasive. I imagine they spend the time sleeping off the anesthesia... in any case, the cages are decently small and warm, so your cat should be fine staying there for a while. Not that she won't be very happy to be taken back to familiar surroundings afterwards.

Just make sure your cat is warm and comfortable afterwards--the vet may give her pills for the pain; ask for a liquid though, those are WAY easier to administer. She'll be fine.

Sometimes I wish they spayed humans... I don't want children, and getting rid of my monthlies and hormones would be just lovely.
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To answer one question here - not all vets insist on an overnight stay for a spay - none of my girls stayed in. And they all reacted differently - as said, some cats just bounce straight back, others need a day or two to recover. Keep her in a quiet place when she comes home, try to stop her jumping up (hard, I know!) and she will be just fine.
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I am glad you are having her spayed its such a needed thing. We have one more sweety to Spay in this household and the only reason it is not done yet is she is a special case. She had one bad leg and has been to several vets to discuss how to go with the leg and spay ect. That, and she is very very petite and no one around here would do any surgery on her til she got up to weight.

She will be going in for her Spay next week if the vet can get her in. the concesses is to allow her to keep the leg its causeing her no pain and no strain on her body and she does use it (limited) but she does use it.

Good for you looking out for your girl. I applaud you.
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