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Please read my story

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Thanks for the link to the rainbows bridge website, where I have submitted my story.

Please read it here:


Thank you so much.
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Denise, that was so beautiful - I've had to go and reapply all my mascara!!

I do hope writing it all down has helped you begin to come to terms with the awful thang that happened.

Don't torture yourself with things like 'she dragged herself onto the pavement'. It is likely it happened instantly, she was not aware, not in fear, and not in pain. The impact probably spun her back onto the pavement (sorry).

You need to grieve. It's part of the healing process. Don't feel bad or guilty about it, but be strong for the kids - they will be devastated and don't have the 'life tools' to cope with such pain yet.

Take care - keep coming here to let us know how you're getting on, and if and when you decide to bring another fluffy into your life. After all - it's not necessary to have a cat to come to the Cat Site, you just need to love the critters!
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Denise - Lucy's story was very well written. I am so sorry that you only had a year with her. I hope too, that your writing has helped ease some of your pain.
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Denise, Lucy really was your baby, wasn't she? She obviously loved you very much. Considering how very young she was, she did a good job as a mother. Very often, at that age, the young mommy doesn't have milk or a desire to mother the kittens. So, I think she did well.
It's upsetting to think that no one came looking for the owner of the cat he/she hit, but that person showed some respect for your little Lucy by moving her off the road.
Someday a little kitten will need a loving family very much, and will find you somehow. That baby could be waiting at a shelter right now or not born yet, but you'll find each other. She will not take Lucy's place; nothing can do that, but she will love you unconditionally, and ease your pain. I hope that day comes soon. In the meantime, you know that many of us here understand your pain, and our hearts are with you. God bless.
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Denise that was a lovely tribute to your darling Lucy. It's truly amazing how much they touch our lives. Someday, there will be another who can touch your heart in much the same way that Lucy did. Cherish your memories of your wonderful year you were together.
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Thanks to all of you, who have left such lovely messages on both my threads. You are truly wonderful people, and say just the nicest things.

Today has been better, Ive cried again, sat in the garden and look at the freshly dug up soil that she used as her toilet! and had the odd chuckle about her funny ways.

My neighbours are all as shocked as me, and we have decided the road is just too fast (its at the bottom of a hill, with a tight corner bend, lethal really, soon it will be a child who gets hurt).

Im not getting another cat just yet, I need time for Lucy, and to grieve properly.

Thanks all of you, once again.

Neesey xx
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so sorry of your loss.hugs
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Hi Neesey,
your story actually brought tears to my eyes remembering how my sweet Bibi was killed in a car accident, too shortly before Christmas2001.But my husband and sons decided that we needed another cat immediately and Istill think it was a good decision as I wrote in my other mail before Ihad read your story.Love Elisabeth
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