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Was Lily Jealous?

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Here's a funny story.. I went to this store called "Nature's Food". The lady there owns some space, a warehouse. She sells pet toys and food; that sort of stuff. She takes in abandoned animals, strays, and abused cats and dogs. They run free in the shop none of them are chained, or caged up and they are all so sweet. Cats are everywhere, on shelves, the cash register, you name they are there. The lady who owns this shop is really nice, I go in and visit the animals often. Well, I went in on Friday during work, and didn't go home until several hours later. When I got home Lily started checking me out as she usually does, but this time she seemed so different. As she was smelling my hand her mouth would open and she would drool. I let her do her thing thinking it would end soon. She started making a cackling noise and then she bit my hand, not hard but the teeth were out. She continued this for quite a while. It was pretty bizarre. Was it a certain sent she was picking up? She did seem a little irritated with me.
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Cats breathe through their mouth. When Lily sniffed you and then opened her mouth it was so she could catch the scent. She smelled the scent of the other cat I'm sure. Don't take her "love bite" personal. She was probably letting you know that you are hers, which is a compliment.
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My cats always do the "open mouth" thing when they smell something they are not accustomed to.
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Yeah, she was checking out the funny smells. My cats are usually worse than the dog when I come home after a day of clinic..all those wonderful animal smells!!
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Thanks Donna, Deb and Sandie.

I was sure she was harmless just the first time I saw her act this way. Poor little Lily
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The grimace is called a flehmen reaction. This is when cats inhale the air and smell it with a special organ called Jacobson's organ that is located at the roof of their mouth. It sort of an analysis of the air - half smell half taste.
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This is hilarious. I had no idea what that little mannerism meant. We have always called it smiling. I have learned so much about my cats from this site. Your combined knowledge of cats here is awesome.
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