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Problems with kitty

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HI group, my brother has an aged cat. He is like 11 I think. Any ways he is going potty in their tub. Just out of the blue he started to pee and poo in the tub. His kitty litter is cleaned out regularly, he has never had a problem with it before. What could be causing him to do this. I thought maybe a change in his life, so it has caused him to stress out. But from what my brother says, their hasn't been any changes. He spends most of the day alone with my brother. They have two kids, 2 and 3. But the girls are almost always gone during the day. And they haven't been chasing him around or anything to cause him to be stressed out. They feed him cat hairball food, and he hasn't shown any signs of hacking up any hairballs, or problems like that. What else could be the problem? He isn't showing any signs of illness either.
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The first thing I would suggest is a trip to the vet to rule out any medical issues, you always have to be extra cautious with elderly cats.
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Unfortunately, many times when a cat no longer uses the box, there may be a medical problem. If it hurts him to pee or poop, he could associate the litterbox with the pain, so he tries to "go" somewhere else.

11 years old is a mature kitty, but not aged - my oldest kitty is 18 and many TCS members have cats who are even older. Still, all cats, no matter how old, should go to the vet for a thorough check up at least once per year, twice is even better for kitties who are around 10 and older.

The best thing your brother can do is to take his cat to the vet. It's not normal, as you know, for the cat to be doing this, and it's a clear sign that something is amiss.

Hope he'll soon be doing better.
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Has the brand of cat litter been recently changed??? Sometimes cats every ones a bit older (not that 11 is old!) don't like change too much!!
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Please get his "parents " to take him to the vet....
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