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Poor baby beagle :(

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I hate people....
I know this is TCS but my heart breaks for this poor pup!.

I was talking to a friend on the weekend..Her neighbour (her Husband's boss) decided to get a BYB beagle over the summer...The beagle even stayed with her one weekend they went away (a WEEK AFTER THEY GOT IT!) and I was there at the same time...The most darling little thing...

But a puppy nonetheless....a puppy who whines, barks, pees on the rug by accident, etc...

The woman has now decided that the puppy cannot be in the house! He is tied up on a line (at 3 months old!) in the back through all kinds of weather..
It has been freezing here and rainy and all he has is a doghouse (I don't even know if its insulated or not).....
So, the husband has decided to sell the puppy for half of what he paid for it.

I am searching high and low for someone who would be a loving family for this high maintenance pup but so far no luck....I even asked BF if we could take him but no go yet...
It's pouring rain as I look outside and my heart breaks here for that little guy who has no idea what he has done to deserve this in his thus yet short life.

Again, I hate people.

(If anyone knows of someone who would want this little guy in my area, please pm me!! )
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Aw, that poor little pup! I wish people would think beyond their noses when they bring a living thing home.

I'll move this to Other Animals for you.
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Thanks! Duh, why didn't I think of this forum????
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I wish I was closer I would foster the pup till a permnant family could be found...
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That poor little pup. All pups are work and need socialization. It's a shame to see someone give up on a baby like that.

Is there a Beagle or hunting dog rescue anywhere near you that could foster or help with placing him?
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With my own experiences with a Beagle (a 4-year-old one, but a beagle nevertheless), I can tell you--get that puppy OUT of there! Anyone who'd tie him in the back at the age of only 3 months wouldn't give him nearly the training and socialization he needs to be a proper well-behaved (and happy) dog.

(My thread's called "How do I Foil a Canine Houdini", and the beagle in question, after being left alone outside for up to fourteen hours, began escaping from the backyard. Only a minor car accident and two weeks' enforced rest indoors forced her owner to begin to socialize the dog, who seems to be doing better now--she's still an escape artist, but she's remembering her house training so she can now be an indoor dog; and, as an indoor dog, must be given human contact every four hours or so, or we end up with a wet rug!)

Simple Beagle equation, as I've learned:
Human Contact + Beagle = Happy Beagle - Behavior Problems
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What a moron! Geez I hate such stupid people!! I hope someone will save its widdle life.
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I just don't understand people. They get an animal with no idea how to raise them. They do no research at all. They just see "cute" and bring it home. Then when the poor thing makes mistakes, has accidents or god forbid actually acts like it is suppose to act they throw it to the curb.

I see so many posts from people that truly didn't know cats climb and claw or that dogs bark and dig but at least on here the people seem willing to learn, train or re-retrain. Whatever it takes to make themselves and the pet happy.

I wish more people would take the time to come to a cite like this or others like it and at least try to solve the issues rather than just chuck the dog in the yard or the cat to the pound.


I mean I love dogs but I don't have the time or the patience for the puppy years so I adopt older dogs. The last one I got that was young was my dog Queenie at 10 months and what a wild thing she was. She had no training at all other than I think sit. She is almost 10 years old now and a great dog but those first couple years were rough but I didn't give up.

I wish I could help that little guy

As someone else mentioned is there a beagle rescue nearby? Maybe you can convince the neighbors to give the pup to them. I feel sorry for the poor little thing all alone in the yard. All cold and scared.
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a puppy is a baby. it does not know things that a grown dog knows. these people should find a good home for the puppy and hopefully never get another dog.
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What if we birthed our OWN offspring, taught them nothing, then tied them up outside ... oh, wait. I read that some of our stupid species does do that: kids found in a bedroom/utility closet/shed/shackled. Disgusting, no matter what species.
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My god, what the heck is WRONG WITH PEOPLE. Hello, it's a puppy, of course it needs training and socialization. Babies don't come programed to behave! Not to mention the difficulties that lie ahead for this little guy if he isn't trained early. We have a hound that we got from the spca. Max is 4 and his previous owners didn't walk him (so leashes are an issue, as is behaviour on the leash) or socialize him with other dogs. These are issues that, after 10 months with us, are still a day-to-day struggle. That being said, we knew what we were getting into and it's worth it for us to see his baby steps of progress since January. I purposely didn't get a puppy, because I knew I didn't have that kind of time....Max's issues are time-consuming, but he doesn't require the constant instruction that a puppy does. When will people learn to consider the needs of the pet they purchase before the sale goes through?!?
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This saddens me also. I'll never understand some of the human race - the ones that buy bunnies at Easter and a few weeks later don't want them - the ones who get puppies and then get mad when they chew because that's what puppies will do.

I really, really hope there is a beagle rescue that can take this sweet little fellow. Please, let us know - it breaks my heart.
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I don't really have an update...This is a neighbour of a good friend and they live out of town so I only hear through her...I am talking to her tomorrow so will know more..I asked her to tell them to contact a rescue but she says they are adamant that they make at least half of what they paid for him...

Yeah, I know...great...Let's give the little guy some behaviour problems by mistreating him and then make some money back off him...

It sounds like the guy is the only one who wanted the dog. The woman is pregnant and "hormonal" and can't stand him...

So very sad. It breaks my heart too. I will offer an update when I hear one.
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