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Greetings! Happy to find this cat forum!!

My 7 year old kitty is having an issue that started just over this last Saturday nite.

He came in early sunday AM from outside and was coughing hard and gagging. He could lay there for just a few minutes on our bed and then would sort of stick his throat out and do a little cough thing. Then he would have to get up and throw up. He did this many times. He was only throwing up bile, nothing else.

We right away thot he must have a hairball, as our other cats have this happening once in awhile. However, he just coughs up bile, no hair ball.

He shows signs of being hungry, and will try to eat something and IMMEDIATELY throw it up. Dosent matter if it is solids or liquids. So, yes, dehydration could start to be an issue.

EArly in the AM today, I took him to a local emergency hospital, where they confirmed that he had not gotten into poison, and that he was stable. I then took him to a local vet (Banfield Pet Clinic).

I often get frustrated, as it seems like SO MUCH money gets spent doing one diagnostic after another. Pretty soon, you have spent $600 and STILL dont know what you have!! A blood draw and an Xray was suggested, and I opted to start with the Xray first, as I felt that my kitty was throwing up right after food or water, leading me to believe that he had a blockage of some sort.

He is also showing strong signs of discomfort when his trachea is pushed. He will cry in pain when you manipulate it. Hmmmm.

Well, of course, the Xray came back clear. The vet said that he could see that there was something questionable with the liver, and then (of course) said we should probably do a blood test. He also said that he would suggest having ANOTHER xray done with a dye that would show up in the Xray showing if there was a celar passage or not. This would cost another whopping 3 - $400.00. Hmmm. Now why don't they do that right away, rather than 'alacarting' every porcedure.

So, I am in a quandry. I have this gut feeling that there seems to be something blocking his pipe or embedded. His vitals are all good, nice pink gums, and he has an appetite, just cant get things to go down, even liquids. He can produce bile by coughing tho, so something can get thru coming up. And, it literally happened over night.

Any thots would be appreciated!! Thanks!