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Just an update about KitKat... For those of you who have read any of my posts about our cat, KitKat, we have been having some problems with her meowing (not just normal meowing). She had exploratory surgery today to see if any ovarian tissue was missed when she was first spayed (she's displayed some behaviors of being in heat). The vet called with the update and no remaining tissue was found.

The vet concluded that KitKat has behavioral problems and will now need to start taking serotonin. I am so sad for her. We use Feliway plug-ins and spray, but they don't seem to help her much. She is really having a hard time and seems to be in stress/beside herself. She has been very agitated and has been pacing and meowing. None of us sleep - not me, not my husband, and not KitKat. The poor thing just sleeps a few hours here and there and wakes up to just start meowing again.

Have any of you given serotonin to your cats? What are the effects? Is it safe? I am going to begin doing research now since I just got this news from the vet. I like to make sure I'm well-informed.
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Serotonin is Prozac by any other name. However, I've had a couple of cats who meowed us to death literally 24/7 - after having lost a feline house mate. We finally got new ones (tho' at the time, thought everyone was just trying to get us to save-a-cat from the shelter) and so help me the instant the new cats came in the house, the old ones just shut up. Period. Of course it still took them the usual time to adjust to each other, and they did not necessarily seem to become friends, but the fact of having another of their own species around seems to make a huge difference to their wellbeing, feeling of not being alone (with all those huge barbaric humans around), etc. and if you can manage another cat (instead of Prozac!), I'd do it!
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Thanks Larke. My husband and I talked about this last night after picking her up from the vet. We are considering it... How do cats do with dogs as companions? Not the same?
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Cats and dogs....hmmm it really all depends on well both animals. I have found it easiest to introduce if the cat is young and dog is older. Kricket wasnt allowed to play with other kitties for the first 6 months (b/c of possible FIV) so she became friends with my dogs. She use to play with them, chase them, jump all over them, anything she wanted to do they let her do. Sometimes its hard to introduce a dog into an older cats life because they may have a fear of dogs. I wish you the best of luck with KitKat!
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Thanks for the good luck wishes. We need all of the good luck we can get right now! Also, thanks for sharing the info. about dogs/cats. Originally, before KitKat came along unexpectedly, we were planning to get a puppy (planning for a long time!). I've always had dogs and had never owned a cat before, so I was really looking forward to getting a new puppy. Now I've been re-thinking it all because I don't want to add more stress to KitKat's life, but I'm heartbroken about possibly not being able to get a puppy after hoping to do so for so long...
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