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FIV+ kitty needs a home

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My sister has been caring for an FIV+ adult male cat. He lives in the garage and yard of the home she lives in. She has not brought him into the house, for fear of infecting her inside cat. She has had him neutered and attended to his shots. Problem is she is forced into moving. She doesn't think she can or should bring Morris to her new place (in an apartment complex). She's on a time limit and will move in about 3 weeks. Is anyone out there willing to give this very friendly cat a home?

P.S. She lives in Houston, TX.
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Deb - just my twopenceworth, but I have an ex-stray FIV cat living happily alongside my 2 pedigree non-FIVs.

He is, to all intents and purposes an indoor cat, as he only goes out in the garden under supervision.

He is totally non-agressive with the other 2, and I'm quite comfortable in leaving them all alone together for the whole day without fear of fighting and therefore cross-infection.

If Morris is familiar with your sister's own cats, is it really not possible for her to take him along?
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It would be much better for this poor cat to go to a one-cat family and live indoors. He will be less likely to pick up infections which could be life-threatening to him, and would be of no danger to any other cats. Although adult cats are less likely to get FIV, unless in a fight, peteducation.com (Dr. Foster) recommends:

"Testing and identifying positive cats is the only means by which FIV infection can be controlled. Although FIV is less transmissible than FeLV, any FIV-positive cat should be separated from non-infected cats. Cats in the terminal stages of the disease can shed large amounts of the virus in their saliva and can pose a greater threat to uninfected cats."

I hope that someone who is without a cat right now will find it in his or her heart to give a home to a sweet cat who really needs someone.
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My sister says he really is the sweetest kitty. Her biggest fear is that her own cat is declawed. (No lectures, please. I already told her whay that wasn't such a hot idea.) At one point, she almost had him placed with an agency that does exactly that: places FIV+ cats in homes with seniors. When the lady heard that Morris was outside, she got all snippy.
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He would be the perfect pet for someone who wants a more quiet, settled, loving cat. Surely there is someone we're reaching who knows someone with a loving heart who will give this baby a home!
Those of you who live relatively near, this is your chance to do a good deed for kitty and future owner! Wouldn't it be great if we were instrumental in finding him a home?
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