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Where do you put the poo?

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When you scoop your litter boxes, where do you put the waste? I've been using gallon size ziplock bags and filling them to the top, then pitching them. Also, if I have any other kind of container that is going to be thrown away, like coffee cans, I'll fill those before I throw them away too. I'm looking for a better way!!
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I use plastic grocery bags, as long as there are no holes in them, then I twist them and tie a knot in the top to close it. It really helps me keep my plastic bag population down to something handleable.

Or, even better, I like the skinny plastic bags that newspapers are delivered in, like the Wall Street Journal. Those bags are long and thin, and make for less trash volume and a smaller "package."

I'd never actually spend money on ziplocs for poop removal - that's money better spent on cat food and litter!
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I have a designated area at the border of our 'land' where I throw the poop every once in a while. Usually though I just toss in the trash, because I have such a small trashcan I take out the trash daily so it doesnt build up any smell
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I also use the plastic bags from the grocery. If you close them up and tie them, the smell is not bad.
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My cat litter (Nature's MIracle) is flushable, so the scoops go right into the toilet and are taken care of that way.

The building is eighty years old, has its original plumbing, and the litter has not caused any problems at all.
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I have a very small trash can(bathroom size) with a lid. Inside this I put a plastic bag and my scooper and it sits next to the litter trays. I scoop into them clumps of pee and the poo, and after a day or two, I tie it up and put it outside in the trash. Even though my chicken feed is flushable, I don't want to tax the system, plus my litter is not in the bathroom, or even close to it. No room in the bathroom for three litter boxes.
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I buy the paper lunch bags at Wal-Mart for $1.65. There are 100 in the bag. I scoop twice and day, so I use 2 bags a day. Once scooped, I throw the bag in the garbage can outside.
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stoli's woody pet is flushable but i forgot how EASY clumping litter is! the new kitten is on a clumping litter and i dispose of the waste in a litter locker. i'd like to change stoli to a clumping litter - even though it's more expensive

i need to find a cheap one that's flushable.
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When I lived in an apartment with a dumpster to put trash in, I used the plastic grocery-type bags. Now that we just have once a week trash pickup, I use a Litter Locker so that the trash can doesn't bowl us over every time we open it. I tried the plastic bags and it just didn't control the smell well enough for me, but I have a sensitive nose to begin with.
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I use the plastic grocery bags - tie them up and throw them out in the dumpster outside. Works good enough for us!
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I use Feline Pine, which is flushable (it's condensed pine-it decomposes when it hits liquid and has no clay so it doesn't clog the pipes). So I immediately flush it. My guy only uses the #2 once a day (the urine is dissolved in the pine neutralizes it) and I clean the litter box at least 1-2 times/day(I am OCD).

I have always been one of those people that thinks that if you cannot operate a toilet, you should do your business outside. But, the flushable litter works for me, and I don't have to deal with "keeping the poo."

I highly recommend flushable!
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I get an econo-sized roll of small plastic bags similar to the veggie bags at grocery stores. I tie the tops off after scooping and put them in a 40 gallon trash bag in a closeable bin. When the big bag's full, it's off to the curb.

I've tried just putting it in the 40 gal bag alone before. Needless to say, the first time the bag tore on the way across the yard cured me of that.
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We have a Litter Locker. It does a great job controlling the odor.
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the boxes in the shower stalls get the poop flushed. the one in my closet has a litter locker. works great, no smell.
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I scoop poo and flush it away

the other gets put into recyclable bags and then into a green waste bin that the council provides !

its still a rotton job
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i line the containers with plastic bags, [i have littermaid boxes] then put those in plastic bags, which i put in my garbage cans in the garage. the cans still smell awful, tho - that's one of the reasons they stay in the garage!
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I use World's Best Cat Litter, which is flushable, so I flush everything.

Prego's poos are really, really bad, so if I didn't use flushable litter it would have to go outside promptly.
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I put it in a grocery bag and bring it outside to the trash right away. Twice a day..it is alot of going outside, but I don't want it in my apartment!!
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in the toilet!
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I buy Fresh Step in the large buckets (I think it's 28 lbs of litter). Then I save the bucket and scoop waste into it. When it is about 3/4's full, I take it out and it's time to clean the boxes out again with fresh litter!
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Another Feline Pine user. I loved the box they had on their website although it was too small for Remy. I made one out of storage boxes for him. I used a hot glue gun to punch holes in it. The urine turns the pine into saw dust then it drops through. The poop is flushed. It never smells and i take it apart empty the saw dust and clean the saw dust holder part of the box. Only way to go if you can't stand cat smell...which i cant!
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I go from box to box with a plastic grocery bag, then tie it up and bring it outside to the trash.
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I also use the plastic garbage bags.We have a septic tank that is KNOWN for MANY problems, so even if we did use a flushable one...........I wouldn't flush it.
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I buy doggie waste bags. The ones I buy are called "Stoop and Scoop", I think. They use to make them for cats, but I haven't seen the kitty ones in a long time.
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I go to the dollar store and get a bag of brown lunch bags and also enlist my co-workers and friends to save their grocery bags for me. I scoop into the brown bag, throw in any spilled litter and small trash (tissues, etc.) and put that in a plastic grocery bag, tie it up and take outside immediately. I scoop in the AM and after work and before bed. I made the mistake of throwing in the trash can and even double bagged the smell was awful. I use flushable litter but don't trust the plumbing here enough to do that.
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I use nappy sacks. As they're scented they help with the smell and they're cheaper than plastic food bags. They then go straight outside or into a litter locker.
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I have a diaper pale & I line it with a garbage bag.
When I scoop, I put it in small plastic bags (from walmart or grocery) & tie them & drop them in the pale.
It works good.
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Before the move, I had enough scoopage a day to justify a walk out to the bin, but now it's a long walk to the dumpster for so little (Yay! No more Oreo!). I use these little garbage bags to hold stuff, then tie them and put them in the plastic container the litter came in. I've found that the litter in a big one is perfect for my two boxes, and it gets fullish right about the time I need to replace litter anyways. And it doesn't smell inside.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
We have a Litter Locker. It does a great job controlling the odor.

Me too.
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i just have to say I JUST emptied my litter locker and i can't believe i didn't have one before. it is the *&^%# !!!!
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